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Udaariyaan: Neh Taj – The New Adorable Jodi Trending Among Fans



In the world of television dramas, the chemistry between characters is a vital aspect that can make or break the show’s success. The latest pairing that has taken the fans of the popular drama series Udaariyaan by storm is none other than NehTaj. Essayed by Vivian Dsena and Twinkle Arora, the pairing of Sartaj and Nehmat has become an instant hit with fans.

The show Udaariyaan revolves around the lives of two sisters, Jasmine and Tejo, who have contrasting personalities. While Jasmine is ambitious and dreams of moving to Canada, Tejo is a simple girl who values family and traditions. The show also highlights the cultural differences between Punjab and Canada, which is portrayed through the love story of the lead characters.

Amidst this, the introduction of Sartaj and Nehmat’s characters has added a new dimension to the show. The two characters are poles apart, and their constant banter and nok-jhok have struck a chord with the audience. Vivian Dsena, who is playing the character of Sartaj, has a massive fan following owing to his previous successful stints in the television industry. Twinkle Arora, who is playing the character of Nehmat, is relatively new but has managed to impress the audience with her acting skills.


The chemistry between Vivian and Twinkle has been the talk of the town ever since they appeared on screen together. The fans have taken to social media to express their love for the new jodi. Many fans have praised the unique storyline of Sartaj and Nehmat’s characters and their exceptional acting skills. Fans are eagerly waiting for more NehTaj scenes and are rooting for them to become the next power couple of the show.

Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey, the producers of the show, have also taken to social media to share the love the fans have been showering on #NehTaj. Their Instagram stories are filled with posts from fans expressing their love and admiration for the new jodi. Vivian Dsena has also shared his gratitude towards his fans and thanked them for their support.

The popularity of NehTaj has been attributed to the unique storyline and the chemistry between Vivian and Twinkle. Their on-screen banter and chemistry have left the fans wanting more, and the makers of the show are paying attention to their demands. The show’s recent track has focused on Sartaj and Nehmat’s budding friendship, which has further added to their popularity.

NehTaj is the latest jodi that has taken the television industry by storm. The chemistry between Vivian Dsena and Twinkle Arora has struck a chord with the audience, and fans are eagerly waiting for more scenes featuring the duo. The unique storyline and the exceptional acting skills of both the actors have made #NehTaj the new jodi to watch out for in Udaariyaan. Let’s wait and watch what the makers have planned for this jodi, as they continue to win the hearts of the audience.

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