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“The Significance of the Blue Tick: Celebrities Weigh In on Its Importance in Social Media”



Social media has become an integral part of our lives, allowing us to connect with people from all over the world. However, with so many users and accounts, it can be difficult to differentiate between genuine accounts and fake ones. This is where the blue tick comes in – a small but significant symbol that verifies a user’s account as genuine.

In recent years, the blue tick has become a coveted symbol for many users, particularly celebrities. It not only differentiates them from fake accounts but also adds a level of credibility to their social media presence. In this article, we explore the importance of the blue tick in the lives of celebrities.

Nikhil Nanda, the Managing Director of JHS Svendgaard Laboratories, says that the blue tick has become a symbol of distinguishing “the boys from the men.” He emphasizes that it carries a lot of weight and reassures people that the person with the blue tick is serious and real. Nanda also believes that the blue tick fetches money in this web world, where it is difficult to differentiate between profiles.


Namita Lal, a social media influencer, agrees that the blue tick is a huge plus, as it identifies genuine accounts from non-genuine ones. She emphasizes that it is straightforward and useful, as it allows her to write to other people, and they know that it is a genuine account. When she sees a blue tick account, she also knows that it has been verified. However, she warns against associating the blue tick with selling or becoming something obsessive or addictive.

Ankit Siwach, an actor and social media influencer, believes that validation is an important aspect for any person working in any field. He says that the blue tick on social media is one form of validation that a person has achieved something in their field or has some importance in society. However, Siwach also believes that if the blue tick is not there, it should not matter that much. He emphasizes that if people balance out real life and social media life, the blue tick won’t make a major difference.

Aadesh Chaudhary, an actor, was never in favor of social media platforms and never had a Twitter account. However, he has an Instagram account with a verified page to avoid confusion with fake accounts. He says that he will never pay for a blue tick.

Hansa Singh, an actress, believes that the blue tick is important when your identity is at stake with so many imposters around. However, she also acknowledges that in the entertainment industry, the weightage given to the blue tick and the number of followers has become worse for TRP. She says that acting and talent have taken a back seat, and people are selected based on these two criteria. She believes that the blue tick has become a business, and it is demand and supply.

The blue tick has become an important symbol in social media, particularly for celebrities. It differentiates them from fake accounts and adds credibility to their social media presence. While some believe that it is a symbol of validation, others warn against becoming obsessed or addicted to it. However, it is clear that the blue tick has become a significant part of the social media landscape and will continue to be so in the foreseeable future.


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