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The Intrigue of Real-Life Dramatizations: Director Prasad Kadam Discusses Audience Curiosity and the Role of Violence in Cinema



In the world of entertainment, shows and films based on real-life incidents have always captured the curiosity of audiences. Director Prasad Kadam believes that such content will continue to intrigue viewers, as there is an innate fascination in watching dramatizations of real events.

He points out the long-standing success of shows like “Crime Patrol,” which have catered to this curiosity. Kadam asserts that there will always be an audience for such content, as it taps into human nature’s natural inquisitiveness.

However, Kadam emphasizes that the effectiveness of such storytelling depends on the honesty and integrity of the director when selecting and presenting these stories.


It is crucial to strike a balance between staying true to the essence of the real incidents and crafting a compelling narrative. The director plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity and authenticity of the content while engaging the audience effectively.

When discussing the prevalence of brutality and violence in both OTT platforms and films, Kadam acknowledges that these elements have always existed in cinema. However, with advancements in technology, such as VFX and prosthetic makeup techniques, filmmakers can now create more realistic and intense scenes of violence.

This realism can sometimes make the brutality appear more graphic and impactful on screen. Kadam believes that the inclusion of violence should serve the narrative rather than relying solely on shock value. As long as the storytelling remains intriguing and compelling, he doesn’t mind watching violent scenes.

He cites filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, who have faced criticism for their use of heavy graphical violence, but whose films effectively incorporate violence as a storytelling tool rather than relying on it solely for shock factor.

Moving on to the theatrical experience, Kadam observes that in the Indian market, larger-than-life films tend to perform well. Audiences now seek an immersive experience when they go to the theater, rather than just consuming good content.


This shift can be attributed to the rise of OTT platforms, where viewers have adapted to watching high-quality content across various genres. On OTT platforms, Kadam believes there is room for a diverse range of content.

Whether it’s a gritty crime drama like “Mirzapur” or a lighthearted comedy like “Panchayat,” a well-crafted production with effective promotion has the potential to succeed. The OTT world is not limited to any specific genre, offering creators the freedom to explore different storytelling styles and narratives.

Director Prasad Kadam emphasizes that dramatizations of real incidents will always captivate the audience’s curiosity. However, the success of such content lies in the director’s ability to maintain the integrity of the real events while delivering an engaging narrative.

Additionally, Kadam acknowledges the role of violence in cinema, noting that its impact has increased with technological advancements. Yet, he believes that violence should be used as a storytelling tool rather than solely for shock value.

As the entertainment landscape evolves, the theatrical experience demands a holistic and immersive approach, while OTT platforms offer opportunities for diverse content across genres. Ultimately, it is the quality of the content and its effective promotion that determines success in both realms.


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