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“The Era of 1990: A Thrilling Action-Drama Filled with Emotion and Comedy”




The Era Of 1990 – Official Trailer | Arjun Manhas, Sara Khan, Aarti Bhagat, Shanky Sharma

The Indian film industry has a plethora of movies with different genres that cater to different audiences. Among the various genres, action movies always have a significant fan base. The Era of 1990 is an action-drama film that provides audiences with a perfect blend of drama, emotion, and comedy.Directed by Shahid Kazmi , the film features Shiv Pandit as the lead character, who builds his film piracy business against his own uncle, Pandit Ji.

The Era Of 1990 – Official Trailer | Arjun Manhas, Sara Khan, Aarti Bhagat, Shanky Sharma

The plot of The Era of 1990 is gripping and keeps the audience hooked till the very end. The film’s intense action scenes are well choreographed, adding a realistic touch to the movie. The villains of the film do justice to their character and bring depth to the storyline.

Apart from the action, the film also explores the comic side of things with characters such as Bubbly, the mother of the hero. Bubbly brings in a fresh and entertaining element to the movie, providing comic relief amidst all the action and drama.


The drama in the film is well-executed, and the actors’ performances are believable. The love story between the two main leads, Shanky and Shiv Pandit, adds an emotional layer to the film. The chemistry between the two actors is palpable, making it easy for the audience to root for them.

The dialogues in the movie are catchy and memorable, adding a unique flavour to the film. The film’s pacing is good, and the editing keeps the story moving forward at a steady pace. The character development in the movie is excellent, and there is a feeling of empathy with certain characters, making the audience connect with them on a deeper level.

The climax of the film is the main highlight, where the action reaches its peak, and it becomes almost impossible to even blink an eye. The tension is built up to a crescendo, and the payoff is worth the wait. It is an intense and satisfying ending that leaves the audience feeling content.

However, like any other movie, The Era of 1990 is not without its flaws. The film’s pacing could have been tighter, and some of the action scenes felt a bit repetitive. Some of the characters lacked depth and could have been given more screen time.

The Era of 1990 is an action-packed movie with drama, love, and thrill, providing audiences with a perfect blend of entertainment. The film has its moments of greatness and flaws, but overall, it is a movie worth watching. The film’s gripping plot, well-executed drama, impressive action scenes, and catchy dialogues make it a memorable experience. I would give this movie a rating of 3.5 stars out of 5 and recommend it to anyone looking for a thrilling action-drama filled with emotion and comedy.



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