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Somy Ali’s NGO Rescues Seven Kids: A Lifelong Healing Process for Abuse Survivors



Somy Ali, an actor turned humanitarian, has been making a significant impact through her Miami-based NGO, No More Tears, which focuses on helping and empowering survivors of human trafficking and domestic violence.

Recently, the organization successfully rescued seven children, shedding light on the heartbreaking reality of child abuse. Somy emphasizes the urgency to address this issue and highlights the need for parents to be vigilant and for society to create awareness and open discussions.

The children rescued by No More Tears have experienced unimaginable trauma and abuse, leaving deep emotional scars that will take a lifetime to heal. Somy expresses her sadness and frustration about witnessing such atrocities, which cast a dark shadow over the future of these innocent children.


She believes that parents need to be more cautious, whether monitoring their children’s activities online or encouraging traditional outdoor activities. It takes just a moment for predators and child molesters to snatch a child and disappear, and this is not only a problem in the United States but a prevalent issue globally.

One of the challenges in addressing child abuse is the reluctance of society to acknowledge its existence. Somy mentions that in many cultures, including her own, topics like child abuse, rape, and domestic violence are often brushed under the carpet. She passionately emphasizes the importance of shedding light on these issues and fostering open discussions.

To achieve this, she suggests that art, including films, shows, and series, should highlight the pressing issue of child sexual abuse, creating awareness and encouraging dialogue. Somy points out the film “Monsoon Wedding” as a rare example where this topic was addressed effectively.

The healing process for survivors of child abuse is a long and arduous journey. Somy speaks from personal experience, acknowledging that such incidents are never forgotten. She expresses her frustration that despite the prevalence of child abuse, society often turns a blind eye.

Somy urges parents to have uncomfortable conversations with their children about stranger danger and the importance of protecting their private parts. Although these discussions may be uncomfortable, they are crucial for ensuring children’s safety. By educating children about potential dangers and fostering awareness, they become more likely to be cautious and vigilant in their interactions, whether on the playground or behind a computer screen.


Statistics, according to Somy, reveal that children are more likely to be sexually abused by someone they know, such as an extended family member or a frequent visitor to their home. Without raising awareness and actively addressing the issue, child abuse will continue unabated.

Somy emphasizes that damaged children often grow into damaged adults, who may turn to alcohol or drugs as coping mechanisms. Parents have a responsibility to prevent their children from becoming broken adults. While Somy is grateful for the successful rescue of these children, she recognizes the immense work that lies ahead in their healing process. She understands firsthand the long-lasting effects of abuse and the challenging road to recovery that awaits them.

Somy Ali’s NGO, No More Tears, has made a significant impact in rescuing and supporting survivors of child abuse. Somy’s personal experiences and unwavering dedication drive her mission to shed light on this pressing issue and create awareness.

Through open discussions, education, and the portrayal of child abuse in art, society can begin to tackle this pervasive problem. The rescued children face a lifelong healing process, and it is crucial for society to actively support and protect them. By addressing child abuse openly and honestly, we can work towards preventing further harm and breaking the cycle of abuse for future generations.