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Satish Kaushik, Raj Babbar & Anup Soni Starrer MIRG All Set to Thrill Audiences Soon

Satish Kaushik, Raj Babbar & Anup Soni Starrer MIRG All Set to Thrill Audiences Soon



Satish Kaushik, Raj Babbar & Anup Soni Starrer MIRG All Set to Thrill Audiences Soon

Mumbai, 31st March – The upcoming film MIRG, starring veteran actors Satish Kaushik, Raj Babbar, Anup Soni, and Shwetaabh Singh in pivotal roles, has completed post-production and is now gearing up for release. Directed by Tarun Sharma, MIRG is a genre-bending heist-gone-wrong revenge drama set in the jungles of Himachal Pradesh.

MIRG is the name of a mountain leopard found in the lower regions of Himachal Pradesh, and the film revolves around myths and stories surrounding this rarely seen creature. The film explores the journey of Anil, a smart but caged, order-following boy, who sets out on a path of realization in the jungle where the difference between the hunter and the hunted is just one letter.

Director Tarun Sharma expressed his excitement about the film, saying, “My main aim while approaching MIRG was to give the audience an engaging film. Every aspect of filmmaking should come together to create something engaging, transporting people into an alternate reality. That for me is the magic of cinema.”

MIRG is financed by UK-based Studio RA and produced by Rishi Anand, NaMa Productions (Shwetaabh Singh), and OneShot Films (Tarun Sharma). The film has been shot in various districts of Himachal Pradesh, including Una, Hamirpur, Govind Sagar Lake, and the jungles of Himachal.


Actor Raj Babbar, who is part of the cast, praised director Tarun Sharma, saying, “Tarun is a brilliant director; he really gives his actors a free hand to grasp the characters their own way. This technique gets you much more attached to the character and you grow a sense of responsibility to really do justice to it.”

Actor Anup Soni added, “MIRG is many films within a film. The story line is unpredictable and the treatment is very fresh. It was a dream come true for me to be in a film with such brilliant actors like Satish Kaushik Sir and Raj Babbar ji. Tarun is a visionary; I blindly followed his lead and I’m glad I did. Now I can’t wait for it to hit the screens.”

MIRG is expected to be a treat for audiences and fans of the veteran actors. The release date of the film will be announced soon

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