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Roshan Kapoor on Embracing the Pressure and Pursuing His Dreams in Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2



Roshan Kapoor, the talented actor who portrays Maahir in the popular television series Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, recently opened up about the challenges he faced in playing a comedic character and his aspirations in the entertainment industry. Kapoor admitted to feeling the pressure initially, knowing that making people laugh is no easy task.

In his first collaboration with Balaji Telefilms, Kapoor understood the significance of his role and the requirement for a strong on-screen presence. He acknowledged the difficulties associated with eliciting laughter from the audience, emphasizing the importance of impeccable comedic timing and delivery.

Technical issues or even a minor stumble during a scene could demand multiple retakes, further highlighting the necessity for precise timing. To prepare himself for this demanding task, Kapoor adopted a comprehensive approach.


Before retiring for the night, Kapoor made it a routine to watch comedy shows like Kapil Sharma’s immensely popular series. He found inspiration in comedians like Ashok Saraf and the legendary Johny Lever, along with comedy movies by Laxmikant and the witty performances of Govinda.

Whenever time was short, he resorted to watching short comedy clips on YouTube, investing five to ten minutes to hone his skills. Kapoor also took an active role in his character’s development, working closely with the director and improvising lines to enhance the comedic impact.

Kapoor’s character, Maahir, is depicted as an amiable and somewhat naive individual who is not well-versed in the ways of the world. He possesses a great love for food and quickly bonds with anyone who treats him to a delicious meal. Maahir’s affection for Pihu (played by Pooja Banerjee) is evident, as he longs to marry her.

However, Pihu’s frequent scoldings and insults create hurdles in their relationship. Kapoor revealed that their marriage was almost arranged but was foiled by the conniving plans of Raghav (Ranndeep R Rai), Prachi (Neeti Taylor), and Angad (Leenesh Mattoo). Despite these challenges, Kapoor expressed his joy in portraying this lovable character and his satisfaction with the positive response from the audience.

The world of showbiz has always been a lifelong dream for Kapoor. Encouraged by his father’s unwavering support and aspirations for him to become an actor, Kapoor found early success on stage during school annual days.


The applause and recognition he received for his acting fueled his belief in his abilities. While his friends were engrossed in cricket, Kapoor and his companions engaged in their own imaginative game of shooting, using a construction brick as a pretend camera. These early experiences further solidified Kapoor’s desire to pursue a career in acting. He drew inspiration from the iconic Govinda, considering him his role model, and continues to watch his movies to this day.

Kapoor’s passion for acting led him to explore the world of theatre for four years, during which he played the character of Sardar Udham Singh in a play titled Jallianwala Bagh. The profound impact of this experience further honed his skills as an actor.

However, navigating the industry proved challenging, with auditions yielding mixed results. To sustain himself during this period, Kapoor took on TV commercials and digital ads until the opportunity to audition for Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 presented itself. His successful audition marked a turning point in his career.

Despite the excitement and satisfaction that comes with being part of the entertainment industry, Kapoor acknowledges its unpredictability

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