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Puneet Dixit: I want myself to trend!



Puneet Dixit: I want myself to trend!

A trendsetter, music composer Puneet Dixit has always been on the lookout for projects that help him experiment with as well as grow his craft. Puneet, who has composed music for more than 50 TV shows, says that there are some landmark projects in his career which will always be dear to him.

“I am from Jabalpur and I haven’t as such learned music. My grandfather was the one who taught me how to play various instruments. And then when I tried, it all happened! My father has a friend in the music industry, who taught me all about how it works. I have done my first TV show in 2016 called Ek Aastha Aisi Bhi,” he says.

He adds, “I have done a lot of TV serials like Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega and Namah. I have done more than 50 TV shows but these two projects were unique for me. In Guddan, I introduced an original sound track and the views crossed more than 200-300 million! People liked such music on TV. Recently, I also did Judaa Hoke Bhi with Vikram Bhatt sir and it was an opening for me. I will always remember this film as I got to work with legendary writer, directors and producers Mahesh Bhatt and Vikram Bhatt. I am working on more projects as well with them. In the coming years, I want myself to trend!”

The music industry has changed a lot, and not all of it is for the better, he says, adding, “I have noticed a lot of changes, I think that the music we used to make earlier has been forgotten. This industry now sounds very electronic and we have gone far from reality. We have changed the kind of the music we are serving the audience, and maybe this is the reason why even the younger generation are still fond of old songs. That is what I want to work on in the coming projects, to make songs that are quite relatable with everything.”


Digitalisation has also not worked in everyone’s favour, he says, adding, “Digitalisation is not good for a lot of ground musicians because people’s lifestyle works on this. It has created a lot of problems nowadays and these technicians charge a-lot because they also have to survive. Also, the acoustic feeling that music has is killed. Indian music is not something that you can turn on electronic. We have such instruments that other countries don’t have. So, until we don’t think about how to revive from this, it will affect us a lot.”

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