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Prasad Kadam: A Talented Filmmaker Navigating the Art Versus Business Battle



Prasad Kadam, a budding filmmaker, has captured the hearts of audiences with his storytelling prowess and remarkable directorial skills. With his short films “Chuha Billi,” starring Adah Sharma and Anupriya Goenka, and “Happy Birthday,” featuring Anupam Kher and Aahana Kumra, Prasad has garnered critical acclaim and recognition. Grateful for the positive response to his work, he is determined to continue delivering his best in the future.

One significant milestone in Prasad’s career was directing veteran actor Anupam Kher at an early stage. This opportunity allowed him to showcase his talent alongside an experienced actor, leaving a lasting impact on his journey. Furthermore, both of his initial short films, “Chuha Billi” and “Happy Birthday,” were shortlisted as finalists for the prestigious Filmfare Awards, further solidifying his position as a promising filmmaker.

In addition to his short films, Prasad has directed music videos for T-Series and another short film titled “Verses of War,” starring Vivek Oberoi and Rohit Roy. His diverse portfolio reflects his ability to explore different genres and formats, showcasing his versatility and creative vision.


Reflecting on his background, Prasad was born and raised in the suburbs of Mumbai. As a bright student, he was awarded a scholarship to pursue an MBA in the UK. He subsequently worked as an Investment Banker in Dubai for a couple of years. However, driven by his passion for filmmaking, Prasad made the bold decision to leave his lucrative job and return to Mumbai to pursue his true calling.

Prasad considers himself a self-taught filmmaker, having learned the technical aspects of the craft through online platforms like YouTube. However, he emphasizes that the aesthetics of cinema cannot be taught but are acquired through personal exploration and experience.

Leveraging his corporate knowledge, Prasad ventured into producing and directing a few ad films under his own production house. Recognizing his eye for creativity and dedication to filmmaking, he soon began receiving offers for music videos and later for short films. His short film “Happy Birthday” received accolades, including the Best Film and Best Actor awards at the New York City International Film Festival in 2021. With such early success, Prasad is poised to make his debut in Hindi feature films.

As an outsider in the industry without any familial connections, Prasad was aware that breaking into the film industry would not be easy. Starting from scratch, he embarked on a journey that encompassed various facets of filmmaking, including wedding films, advertisements, music videos, and narrative storytelling. Despite the challenges, Prasad’s ability to adapt and move forward has allowed him to progress rapidly within a short span of time. He acknowledges that filmmaking is an ongoing struggle, a constant battle between artistic expression and commercial viability. Sometimes he emerges victorious, while at other times, he faces setbacks. Nevertheless, his unwavering passion and determination keep him pushing forward.

“Happy Birthday,” Prasad’s second project, is all set to release in India on FNP Media’s YouTube channel. The film’s casting process exceeded expectations when Anupam Kher expressed interest in the project. Anupam Kher, known for challenging himself and experimenting with different formats, was thrilled to join the talented and passionate group of young filmmakers. Despite his veteran status, Anupam Kher exuded youthful energy and unparalleled dedication on set, leaving a lasting impression on Prasad and the entire team.


As Prasad Kadam continues his journey in the world of filmmaking, his talent, dedication, and ability to navigate the complex relationship between art and business set him apart. With each project..

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