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Kapil Khadiwala: Comedy is the Most Difficult Genre to Approach, But It Shows Your Talent as an Actor



Comedy is a genre that has always been popular in the entertainment industry. From classic comedies like Andaz Apna Apna to modern-day hits like Golmaal and Hera Pheri, the audience has always loved a good laugh. However, comedy is not an easy genre to approach, and not everyone can do it. In a recent interview, actor Kapil Khadiwala spoke about his love for comedy and why it is the most difficult genre to approach.

Kapil Khadiwala, who made his Bollywood debut with A Game Called Relationship, is known for his love of comedy. He believes that comedy is the best way to prove your talent as an actor, but it is also the most difficult genre to approach. According to Kapil, “It’s not easy for everyone to be on the set and just do comedy. It needs an inherent talent and a good sense of humour. If anyone can do comedy then they are one of the finest actors in the world.”

Kapil has worked on a comedy project before titled Ashleel, a web series. He is most comfortable in doing comedy and believes it is his USP. He has a unique combination of the body of Sanjay Dutt and a heart of Johnny Lever, making him a perfect fit for the genre. He wishes to work more in this genre and considers Govinda, Johnny Lever, and Rajpal Yadav his heroes.


However, Kapil also acknowledges that comedy can offend some people, leading to trolling and bullying on social media. He believes that freedom of speech has become an issue these days. According to him, “It all started with social media, and actors are more prone to get bullied there. Some people might get offended, and some may not like your work, and they will bully you. Ignoring them is the best policy.”

Apart from comedy, Kapil enjoys watching movies. When asked about the last film he watched in a theatre, he said, “The last film I went to see in the theatre was John Wick with my best friend Muzammil Ibrahim. I found it really boring. However, the last film that I enjoyed watching was URI: The Surgical Strike, and I have seen it 4-5 times. It is one of the best movies made on the armed forces in India.”

Kapil Khadiwala’s love for comedy is evident, and he believes that it is the best way to prove your talent as an actor. While the genre can offend some people, Kapil believes that ignoring the trolls is the best policy. As an actor, Kapil continues to explore different genres and hopes to work more in the comedy genre in the future.

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