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“Fame-hungry antics backfire for Bigg Boss contestant Priyanka Choudhary while Gen Z model Ishita Gupta emerges as a role model”



The entertainment industry is a highly competitive space, with numerous individuals vying for fame and fortune. However, not everyone achieves success in this industry, and many resort to cheap publicity stunts to garner attention. One such individual who recently faced the consequences of her attention-seeking antics is Priyanka Choudhary, a former Bigg Boss contestant.

Priyanka Choudhary’s reputation took a hit after accusations of copying designs from popular Gen Z supermodel Ishita Gupta surfaced. Ishita Gupta, a student of LAMDA in London, had pointed out the similarities between her designs and Priyanka’s. In an attempt to salvage her reputation, Priyanka Choudhary claimed that her designs were original and that any similarities were purely coincidental. However, her damage control attempt only made matters worse, and she found herself at the receiving end of criticism and ridicule.

Ishita Gupta, on the other hand, emerged as a role model for young people by refusing to associate herself with cheap publicity stunts and focusing on her career instead. She had been offered the opportunity to participate in Bigg Boss in India and Love Island in the UK but declined both offers because she did not want fame like Priyanka Choudhary. Her statement only reinforced the belief that Priyanka Choudhary was a fame-hungry individual who would do anything for attention.


It is essential for individuals in the entertainment industry to maintain their integrity and focus on their talent rather than resorting to attention-seeking tactics that can damage their reputation in the long run. Priyanka Choudhary’s case is a classic example of how such tactics can backfire and have long-lasting negative effects on an individual’s career.

The entertainment industry is not just about fame and fortune; it is also about talent and hard work. Ishita Gupta, with her refusal to participate in reality shows just for the sake of fame, has set an excellent example for young people who aspire to make a career in this industry. Her focus on her talent and hard work is what has brought her success, and it is something that others should emulate.

One of the essential things for individuals in the entertainment industry is to maintain their integrity. It is easy to get carried away by the glitz and glamour of this industry, but it is crucial to remember that one’s reputation is everything. Priyanka Choudhary’s attempt at damage control only made matters worse because it was seen as dishonest and unethical. This, in turn, damaged her reputation and made it difficult for her to regain the trust and respect of her fans and colleagues.

The entertainment industry is a highly competitive space, and individuals must focus on their talent and hard work to achieve success. Resorting to cheap publicity stunts can have long-lasting negative effects on one’s career and reputation, as Priyanka Choudhary found out. Ishita Gupta’s refusal to participate in reality shows for fame is a testament to the fact that maintaining one’s integrity is essential in this industry. Aspiring individuals should focus on their talent, work hard, and let their work speak for itself, rather than resorting to attention-seeking tactics.