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Dadasahab Phalke Icon Awards Films International 2023 (2nd): A Star-Studded Affair in Dubai

Dadasahab Phalke Icon Awards Films International 2023 (2nd): A Star-Studded Affair in Dubai



Dadasahab Phalke Icon Awards Films International 2023 (2nd): A Star-Studded Affair in Dubai

The Dadasahab Phalke Icon Awards Films International 2023 (2nd) ceremony, organized by Kalyanji Jana, was a glittering event that took place on March 16th in Dubai. It was a star-studded affair with numerous Television celebs gracing the occasion. The PR for this prestigious awards night was handled by ForYou Public Relations.

Famous actors like Archana Gautam, Ali merchant, Kiku sharda, Rakhi sawant, Vishal pandey, Madhurima tuli, Shera, Aparna dixit, Karan Sharma, Mohammad Nazim Khilji, and many others from the entertainment industry were present at the event.

The Dadasahab Phalke Icon Awards Films International has always been one of the most notable honors in the industry. This year’s event was made more special by the presence of National President and Global President Ankita Jana, National President Shiv Aryan, National Working President Dr. (Hon) Gaurav Anil Shah, UAE – Senior President Jitendra Kumar singla, and many other renowned personalities.

Kalyanji Jana, the Founder and Chairman of the DPIAF, along with National President Ankita Jana and the other team members, organized a highly successful award show. The thank-you speeches and kind words expressed by the guests will remain in their minds for a long time. The event was also significant for recognizing young talents for their commitment and superior work.


For the first time ever in history, the DPIAF team and Kalyanji Jana organized an award show named under Shre Dadasaheb Phalke in Dubai. This happened for the second time with a lot of hard work and perseverance in Dubai, and India’s 28th States culture and tourism were portrayed effectively with the help of a fashion show. The unique concept of DPIAF Miss/Mrs. India & Dubai cultural international Fashion show effectively showcased UAE’s 7 states culture and tourism. This will happen every year in Dubai.

Fashion choreographer Ankita Jana was responsible for the DPIAF Miss & Mrs. India & Dubai Cultural International Fashion Show, and the winner was Priya Bhui, a singer and model. Abhijeet Rane was the guest of honour, and the fashion designers were Priya Studio Dubai and Nilofer Madam Dubai.

Another exciting event, the DPIAF Celebrity Cricket League and DPIAF BCL Celebrity Award 2023, is coming up soon in Dubai this year. The league will be played by Influencers, Television actors, and Film actors and will have five girls and six boys. This is the first time such a unique concept is being introduced

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