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Aly Goni to Offer Umrah This Ramzaan

Aly Goni to Offer Umrah This Ramzaan



Aly Goni to Offer Umrah This Ramzaan

Actor Aly Goni is all set to fulfill his long-time dream of offering Umrah in Saudi Arabia during this ongoing month of Ramzaan. The actor considers himself lucky to have this opportunity and is looking forward to the spiritual journey.

According to Aly, he has been wanting to offer Umrah for many years now, and finally, he has planned his trip with his childhood friend, Azim Riyaz. He is going for a week and is excited about the blessings he will receive from Allah.

Aly believes in the importance of Ramzaan, and he considers it a holy month of purification. He looks forward to it every year and keeps a fast every year as a part of his devotion.

On the work front, Aly is on the lookout for substantial roles on OTT platforms. While he hasn’t taken up work on TV consciously, he says he is open to great and interesting offers. He believes in maintaining a perfect balance between personal and professional life and wishes peace for everyone, including his fans who shower him with unconditional love.


The actor’s trip to Saudi Arabia to offer Umrah is a testament to his dedication towards his religion and his quest for spiritual growth. Fans of Aly are eagerly waiting for his return and looking forward to his upcoming projects on the work front.

In conclusion, Aly Goni’s journey to offer Umrah during Ramzaan is a significant event for him, and his fans are excited to see him take this spiritual journey. His devotion towards his religion and his quest for a balanced life is an inspiration to many.