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Actresses Redefine Saree Fashion with Trendsetting Flair!



Sarees have long held a remarkable position as elegant and fashionable attire for various occasions in Indian culture. When it comes to fashion inspiration, many people look up to their beloved characters on television and strive to emulate their style.

In recent years, the female protagonists of &TV shows have played a significant role in popularizing the saree trend, bringing a fresh and trendsetting flair to this traditional garment. Among these talented actresses are Neha Joshi, Kamna Pathak, and Shubhangi Atre, who have captivated audiences with their impeccable style and grace.

Neha Joshi, known for her portrayal of Yashoda in &TV’s show “Doosri Maa,” shares her admiration for her character’s appearance and the role sarees play in shaping Yashoda’s overall appeal. Yashoda, set against the backdrop of Uttar Pradesh, embodies strength, simplicity, and various roles, including a devoted mother, exemplary daughter-in-law, and compassionate social worker.


The creative team behind the show has meticulously crafted Yashoda’s saree collection, choosing plain cotton sarees with broad borders in soothing pastel hues. These classic cotton sarees, adorned with elegant blouse prints, harmonize flawlessly with Yashoda’s persona, reflecting her modest yet bold character.

Neha herself finds a reflection of Yashoda’s style in her own life and possesses a splendid collection of cotton sarees that she adores wearing for different occasions, embracing the saree as a powerful statement of style, elegance, and self-expression.

Kamna Pathak, popularly known as Rajesh from “Happu Ki Ultan Paltan,” expresses how the show elevates her character through the stunning selection of sarees she flaunts. Set against the vibrant backdrop of Kanpur, Rajesh’s wardrobe showcases sarees adorned with exquisite traditional work.

Rajesh’s style preference leans towards Desi sarees, but she adds a twist by pairing them with fascinating prints, creating a captivating fusion of tradition and contemporary fashion. Her sarees exude sass and amplify her beauty with each ensemble she adorns.

Personally, sarees hold a special place in Kamna’s heart, and her love for them has grown over the years. She has collected authentic traditional drapes from various cities she has visited, building a cherished saree collection. While wearing a saree daily, especially during shoots, may be challenging for some, Kamna finds it to be a therapeutic experience that brings her immense joy and satisfaction.


Shubhangi Atre, popularly known as Angoori Bhabi from “Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai,” is celebrated for her impeccable saree styles both on and off the screen. Angoori’s character has become an absolute fashion icon, draped in a mesmerizing variety of sarees and fearlessly experimenting with every style imaginable.

Angoori’s dressing knows no boundaries, as she fearlessly dives into every fashion trend with grace and confidence. Her unique blend of desi and videshi influences creates a fusion that is uniquely her own. One of her signature looks is a two-piece combo of a lehenga and choli saree, beautifully paired with a dupatta.

Angoori’s impeccable individualism and elegance in showcasing her style statement always grab attention whenever she graces the screen. Shubhangi, hailing from Indore, feels immense joy when her friends and relatives ask shopkeepers for sarees in “Angoori-style” whenever she visits her hometown, a testament to the impact Angoori’s fashion choices have made on people’s hearts and minds.

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