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PAFI Announces New Leadership for 2023-24: Emphasizing Collaboration and Development



The Public Affairs Forum of India (PAFI), a professional resource for public affairs practitioners in the country, has recently revealed its new office bearers for the year 2023-24. Led by the incoming President, Ms. Vinita Sethi, this dynamic team aims to strengthen cross-sectoral collaborations, drive innovation, and support the government’s efforts towards accelerating economic growth and overall development in India. With a focus on aligning business, society, and government, PAFI seeks to foster trust, develop smart policies, and promote evidence-based research.

Ms. Vinita Sethi: A Privilege to Lead PAFI

Ms. Vinita Sethi, who previously served as the Vice President of PAFI for 2022-23, has assumed the role of President for the upcoming year. As the Senior Vice President & Chief Public Affairs at the Apollo Hospitals Group, Ms. Sethi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the position.


She expressed her privilege at becoming the second woman President of PAFI and highlighted the increasing representation of women in the leadership team, which is a significant achievement for the organization.

Navigating Global Shifts and Impactful Engagement

In today’s inter-connected world, where major global shifts are reshaping the socio-political landscape, PAFI recognizes the importance of engaging with policymakers and peers in India and abroad. Ms. Sethi emphasized the critical role of public affairs practitioners in navigating these shifts and their impact on governance, growth, and development.

By deepening capacity building and fostering dialogue with governments, think tanks, and other stakeholders, PAFI aims to stay at the forefront of policy-making and effectively contribute to the country’s progress.

Building Collaborations and Policy Dialogue Platforms


PAFI is committed to strengthening cross-sectoral collaborations and promoting innovation in public policy. The newly appointed Vice President, Ms. Deepshikha Dharmaraj, Chief Executive Officer of BCW India Group, will play a crucial role in driving these initiatives forward.

PAFI recognizes that sustainable development requires the active participation of various stakeholders, including businesses and government bodies. By fostering trust and aligning long-term priorities, PAFI seeks to collaboratively develop smart policies, proposals, and processes that rely on evidence-based research and support innovation.

The Importance of Effective Governance

The newly appointed Secretary of PAFI, Mr. Chetan Krishnaswamy, India Public Policy at Amazon India, will focus on promoting effective governance practices. By engaging with the central and state governments, PAFI aims to contribute to the development of new paradigms in governance.

These efforts will help create an enabling environment for businesses to thrive, while also addressing the needs of society at large. PAFI recognizes the significance of continuous dialogue and outreach with stakeholders to build robust policy frameworks and ensure sustainable growth.


Promoting Economic Growth and Development

As the new Treasurer, Ms. Medha Girotra, Vice President of Public Policy, South Asia at Mastercard India Services Pvt Ltd, will oversee the financial management of PAFI. Her role will be pivotal in supporting the organization’s initiatives aimed at accelerating economic growth and overall development in India.

PAFI believes that by collaborating with businesses across sectors and leveraging their expertise, they can contribute to the government’s efforts in achieving inclusive and sustainable economic growth.

The appointment of new office bearers at PAFI for the year 2023-24 marks a significant milestone in the organization’s journey. Led by Ms. Vinita Sethi as President, the team is committed to promoting collaboration, innovation.

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