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Actor Vishwas Saraf: Junooniyat and Passion for Acting



Vishwas Saraf, who plays the role of Karan in the romantic musical drama Junooniyat, is a rising star in the Indian entertainment industry. He shares his love for the show, his passion for acting, and how he manages stress and pressure positively.

Junooniyat, produced by Sargun Mehta and Ravie Dubey’s Dreamiyata Production, is a unique and experimental attempt in the genre of romantic musical drama. Vishwas praises the team for their creative ability and unexpected plot variations that keep the audience engaged. The show has gained popularity among not only the youth but also homemakers who can relate to the characters and their stories.

Vishwas’s passion for music and acting has been a part of his life since childhood. He is a big-time indie music lover and also enjoys Arijit Singh’s songs. He believes that good composition and creative lyrics are an attractive combination, but he falls in love with music that is creatively different. Vishwas has also featured in many Hindi and Punjabi music videos during his journey as an actor.


Acting has been Vishwas’s Junooniyat (passion). He always wanted to stay around the camera and pursued his dream of becoming an actor. Besides acting, Vishwas is also a trained cinematographer, which helps him understand the nitty-gritty of his work.

The entertainment industry is not an easy place to be, with no surety about work and a lot of stress and pressure. However, Vishwas takes pressure and stress positively as he believes it makes him stronger and more creative. He becomes highly creative searching for solutions when he is under pressure or stress. He manages his stress by reading, dancing, and working out.

Junooniyat has added a lot of happiness to Vishwas, his family, and friends. He loves to be on the sets and do more work. The environment, ambiance, and people around are so loving and encouraging. Vishwas realizes that people have started recognizing him as an actor, and he feels responsible for giving more to his audience, which they always seek.

Looking ahead, Vishwas wishes that Junooniyat would never get over, and his character would grow in leaps and bounds. He foresees himself as a highly-rated, highly-accepted TV actor on whom the audience shares a lot of love. If good luck prevails, Vishwas hopes to soon be seen in an upcoming meaningful Hindi film as a lead actor. He wishes to do substantial roles in films, TV, ads, and web series.

Vishwas Saraf’s passion for acting and music has led him to Junooniyat, where he has found happiness and recognition. He manages stress and pressure positively and strives to give his best to his audience. Vishwas’s story is an inspiration to all aspiring actors and artists who dream of pursuing their passion despite the challenges and uncertainties of the entertainment industry.


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