Sneh Binny: I can strike up conversations with everyone

Entrepreneur Sneh Binny says that, for him, it is very easy to talk to anyone. He adds that he loves talking and can have detailed conversations

‘The Game Changers of 2022: The Disruptors’ by Siddharth Kannan

‘The Game Changers of 2022: The Disruptors’ by Siddharth Kannan To celebrate ‘The Game Changers of 2022: The Disruptors’ ,India’s

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Nitu Joshi of MIAM NGO Receives Best Social Worker Award at Newsmakers Achievers Award

Organized by Vaidehi Taman, the 16th Newsmakers Achievers Award ceremony celebrated the exceptional contributions of individuals across various domains. Among

Mahindra Powerall launches state of the art CPCB 4 generators

Pune- The Ministry of Environment has recently announced an important decision in resepect of use of generators. As per this

Meet the  Mahendra Ribadiya whose AI startup (HeymateAI) is valued at Rs 108 crore

Mahendra Ribadiya , Owner of AI Startup raises  $1 Million  (8.5 Carod)  Funding for His Startup. Mahendra Ribadiya  is