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You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old.”

You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old.”



You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old."

  can you tell me, actually what you meant?
I did my first concert and I got noticed by Luciano Pavarotti who was in the jury and taken on board of the biggest Italian opera talent agency who was rapresenting Luciano Pavarotti (the biggest opera singer of the world and many other top opera singers) and that opened me the doors of a worldwide career in the biggest opera houses of the world.

-Tell me something about your reading habits? You are a popular, world famous singer, composer. How do you connect your singing passion with reading hobby.
I always read when I am in long flight journeys nowadays. During my childhood I used to read a lot because my mother was always accompanying toys gifts with a good book: culture in general and reading in my family was a very important aspect. In fact I have read about 500 books and even when I start the interpretation of an opera character I always read all the historical informations related to the character (for example if I am doing the role of Queen Elizabeth, I read as many as possible books regarding her, so that I can highlight all the aspects of her psychology and daily life that I have read in the books and then I create my own interpretation and vision about the character I am doing.

-You seem to be a water baby, a mermaid,  playing, swimming, basking in the golden sunshine beach, tell me how much you love to swim?
Oh I love it a lot! Water is my element and I can spend full day in the water without realising that the time is passing! Specially when I snorkel in amazing places full of fish, I get hypnotized by their swimming and the colourful corals.. And I chaise them for hours! It relaxes me a lot and it is like I am living in a different world! One time in Greece I even swam from an island till another small island just to test my body strength (at first sight it was looking a short distance but then once in the water it was kind of never ending journey to reach to the next shore lol!).. and in French Polinesia I did a very long distance by being carried by the current of the light path.. Which has also a big spiritual meaning for the local culture. That is because I always choose those unconventional and secret vip places where not mass tourism reaches. For example I have recently been in Papua or in the desert of Brasil where with the help of aborigenal people I was guided to oasis of water where you can swim naked and go back to your childhood feelings without being disturbed by anyone.. It is a deep immersion in nature.. And for a naturist like me there is nothing better in life!

-You have a beautiful body, which is obvious from your bikini photos. Your bikini pics show that you are quite bold and are very comfortable with your bold poses? Am I right?


I don’t consider them bold.. I just consider them a free flow of the energy which I have inside me. I actually just follow my nature and I have a wild nature, so for me all the things which have been created by civilizations are a kind of chains.. Whatever rubber band is in the clothes (trousers, elastic of pants etc.. It is considered by me an obstacle to the flow of blood and energy.. So I feel jealous when I get in touch with those so called “uncivilised communities” who don’t need to wear clothes but they are just naturally in contact with wearing the same clothes they were born with.. Just soft beautiful human skin (genuine leather ahaha!! :)) and by living with them few weeks I have understood that they are very intelligent and through instinct they are able to reach level of knowledge that hundreds years of studies of the so called “civilized” people have not yet reached. When I was in touch with aborigenal people of Australia (who have the oldest dna on earth) for example, I have realised that, and in fact not just by chance still nowadays the Australian government asks to the aborigenal people the techniques of cleaning the soil, preserving the environment, because they have understood that this is the only way to preserve their land, as the “civilized” people ways of using the land were actually leading to its destruction.. So they still nowadays seek help from the old knowledge of the “custodians” of the land. And this wise people, very connected to spirituality, they reach much faster to solutions than the people who just use intellect, and they are naturist too.. Like me! :))

  • How does your fans react on your sizzling bikini looks?
    I think they become part of the same flow of energy which is inside me.. Maybe for some of them it is too much energy so they get an electric shock! As I receive messages saying that they are melted, burning etc.. Anyways it is their ways of showing a beautiful feeling they are having.. That is mainly for my male fans.. As per my women fans they feel inspired and their comments and questions mainly try to understand where I am, what I am doing, travelling alone in such desert places, not being scared of anything.. They write “I wish I could have been as brave as you”, “I wish I could have had the same love for yourself and your body that you have”, “they want suggestions from me on how becoming so self confident”, and I try to give them suggestions on how overcoming their unsecurities.

-Did Bollywood take notice of your naughty, hot bikini pics?
Unfortunately so far Bollywood has not yet reached that open mindness which instead is already there in Hollywood since 1950. So whenever most of Bollywood industry sees a bikini is for them the equivalent of what is in Hollywood a naked body.. There is always a 50 or 70 years gap in the two mentalities. Like a kiss on cheek which is normal in western culture.. In India is the equivalent of a kiss on lip.. Or a kiss on lip in India is the equivalent of oral sex in western culture and so on.. That’s why my team sometimes shows me acting requests from directors belonging from a different level, style and background of professionality which I obviously reject. Even if my Indian team suggests me to remove from my instagram page my bikini photos so that they don’t need to reply to such kind of acting requests.. I just tell them that I can’t BLOCK my nature, my flux of energy, just because few directors have their brains frozen to 70 years ago.. So they can just BLOCK on phone The numbers of such kind of people.. It is easier and happier :))
I am an international artist and if you see the instagram pages of many American and European colleagues of mine, they’re showing much more skin and without problems. I think the body is a beautiful gift we have got by God and we should not be ashemed of it but instead we should highlight it in all its beauty. I come from Italy, a land where all the biggest sculptors and painters like Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci etc where celebrating the bodies in many naked sculptures worthed billion of dollars nowadays, which are showcased in the biggest museum of the world and attire so many tourists every years. And also your beautiful Indian Khajurao temple is so inspiring, and I am happy that recently your Indian government has also opened an airport to reach there.. As when I went to khajurao temple at that time the airport was not yet there and it was so difficult to reach there.. But definitely worthed!

You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old."
You once said in an earlier interview that everything happened when you were just 12 years old.”
  • Do you get Bollywood film offers?
    Yes, but I am a very selective artist, and being me myself a director when I see that technically the direction is not what it is in my standards or when the rest of the cast doesn’t act properly, or when I don’t like the script.. I just politely refuse to act in that movie.
    Nowadays I have received a couple of scripts from 2 big movie directors that I admire a lot, so I am considering to accept. But I want to understand the character better so that I can give a good rendition to it. So meetings are going on in order to make my right choice

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