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World Environment Day: Margo Cooper does her bit to save the world



From making sure to not waste electricity to carrying her own cup and bag, Miss Bulgaria 2019 Margo Cooper is making sure to take small but meaningful steps for the environment.
“I surely take care of switching the lights off when I don’t need them. Also, I’m trying to use my own bag and cup when I come to the supermarket or coffee shop. I do believe that everyone can do it. And surely, I’m learning about how fast fashion affects the ecology and what else can be done to protect it. I think overconsumption is one of the main problems, we are overbuying things and throwing them away too fast. Good that nowadays there are opportunities to sort garbage, to bring clothes and electronics to recycling spots, to replace despicable items with reusable ones,” she says.
She adds that every little step matters. “Global change can happen if companies and factories become eco-friendly. Every person should be more thoughtful about their everyday choices. One plastic bag won’t destroy the planet but we are over seven billion population, so each of us is responsible for our environment. Fast fashion, overconsumption of natural resources, unthoughtful usage of non-recyclable materials in daily life and even driving a car.”

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