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What is World Sleep Day and what do celebrities suggest to maintain good sleep health?



World Sleep Day: Celebs urge people to control their screen time, sleep well to take good care of their mental and physical health March 17 is World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day is celebrated on March 17 to promote good sleep health, raise awareness about sleep disorders, and highlight the benefits of quality sleep. Many people these days suffer from insomnia due to work pressure and busy lifestyles.

To combat this, celebrities have suggested getting at least 6-8 hours of sleep every night for good mental and physical health. They have also advised taking regular breaks from screens and engaging in activities such as deep breathing, meditation, and yoga before going to bed to promote a sound sleep. Less screen time before bed, making a gratitude list, and playing soothing music are some other tips that celebrities have shared to improve sleep health. They stress that good sleep is essential for mental peace, productivity, and overall well-being.

The day celebrates the healthy habit of sleeping on time and well, benefits of a good sleep and throws light on the ailments that sleep disorders might lead to. In our fast paced life, many of us are sleep deprived. Many try to manage by just four hours of sleep.


Celebs talk on the issue, how much sleep a person should get every night and share tips of getting a good night’s sleep. Sudhanshu Pandey In the kind of lives we lead in a city like Mumbai and also being a part of this profession where we are shooting non-stop, I guess a lot of us get sleep deprived, But it is up to the person who is really very sure about how they want to compartmentalize their life on a daily basis in terms of sleeping hours, eating hours and working hours. If you do that it becomes a little sorted but yes a lot of people are sleep deprived with the kind of schedules they normally have.

I try to get 7 hours of sleep as I believe that minimum 7-8 hours of sleep is very important and it is important for functioning, for your mental and physical health. Some people who manage with 4 hours of sleep are something that I thinks it’s a very scary thing because sleep deprivation sooner or later causes a lot of illnesses. You get sick very fast, immunity dips and a lot many problems crop up over a period of time.

I personally feel people should get at least 8 hours of sleep every night because it is healthy. It is important because that’s when I feel rejuvenated, my body feels recovered and I feel fresh in the morning. Insomnia has become very common but that is also because of the kind of lifestyles we lead. For a good night’s sleep my top priority would be to do five-minute deep breathing just before you sleep and lie down so that you can get a very sound sleep. Esha Gaur Yes a lot of people suffer from insomnia these days because of work pressure. But I feel if you’re healthy, it’s good to have a 4 hours sleep and work as much as you can. Even though I believe Sadhguru’s thesis that if you don’t work hard, then there’s no point in living.

I believe in it. Aditi Shetty We all live a busy life but we are all very well aware that sleep is necessary, still we tend to ignore it. Sleep for me is essential and I get spiritually recharged when I get a good eight-hour sleep. Human bodies are like machines and we should sleep well and give ourselves the much-needed rest and break from the objective world. I love sleeping. I feel at least six hours of sleep is essential for good health and vitality. If I don’t get my minimum hours of sleep I can be irritable and have mood swings.

Someone wise said, early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. I swear by that saying, it helps me maintain a peaceful life, career and my overall well being. I never faced insomnia, I can go to sleep anytime. But I have friends who have had issues with getting a good night’s sleep due to stress and busy lifestyle and have to take medication for it. Being an actor you don’t have a fixed schedule. Some days you get little sleep and give your best at work, but I make sure I compensate for it on my off days. Less screen time before you go to bed and meditation before sleeping really helps relax your body.


Meditation helped me get good sleep and wake up happy. I also make a gratitude list of at Least 10 things before I sleep. Aadesh Chaudhary Well yes I used to get less sleep if we did daily soaps. I sleep 6 to 8 hours. Sleep is the most important thing for being healthy. I feel at least 6- 8 hrs of sleep is very essential for health. I have my own funda about it. I always put something from my playlist, sometimes songs, discovery channels, or sometimes mantras. Pranitaa Pandit It’s not very good to mention that it is somewhat true that a few people have been experiencing this issue, can’t sleep at night, up until now.

Several of my friends in the industry are also dealing with the same issues. And speaking for myself, I do occasionally experience this issue when I don’t feel asleep till two in the morning despite having plans for the following day. Nonetheless, I believe it should never become a habit. Thus, I make every effort. And to do that, I engage in yoga, meditation, and breathing exercises, which all help me maintain mental focus and find peace. So anytime I’m in bed, I dim the lights and just fall asleep. And I try to get 7-8 hours of good sleep every night. We need it for our mental peace and for brain cells to work properly the following day. Rahul Bhatia Sleep deprivation is a serious but largely neglected issue.

Inadequate sleep also leads to inefficiencies at work and loss of productivity. Many of us keep working late at night to fulfil our professional commitments and forget to take care of ourselves. I get to sleep for 4-5 hours because of several areas that I look into like my business, youtube, instagram and other social media handles. A person should sleep for at least 8 hours a day to work productively. Insomnia is very common, especially in adults. Research also suggests that Indians are also the second-most sleep deprived after Japan. Sleep deprivation not only affects one’s physical health adversely by increasing the chances of diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, heart attacks, but also takes a toll on mental health by increasing the risk of depression and anxiety.

It is a serious health issue and under-recognised in modern society. Keeping your sleeping environment clean, dark, and quiet would help in falling asleep. Avoid distractions such as using electronic devices, mobiles, televisions, and tablets. Exercising regularly and avoiding energy drinks help as well. You can also practice meditation that helps in relaxing the muscles. Anshuman Chaturvedi It’s our lifestyle that is the problem. Staying awake till late at night has become the norm. Gadgets have taken over our lives.

When we are not doing anything, we are surfing social media. This intrusion has killed the emotional aspect of our lives and the majority of us are not in good health. When the person is happy, five-six hours are enough, but if someone is stressed then no amount of sleep can help. Insomnia is a lifestyle problem. I have also suffered from it in the past but as I grew older, I didn’t allow it to engulf me again. Work harder in whatever field you are and then leave everything to a bigger power. Remember, we don’t control life, we just navigate through it.


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