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Vahbiz Dorabjee talks about her friendship with Tanvi Thakkar and working together on events!



Good friends Vahbiz Dorabjee and Tanvi Thakkar started their journey as event organizers together. The actors, who worked together in Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, recently curated a successful event for Bayroute restaurant Cuffe Parade to launch their Greek menu. Vahbiz talks about their bond and shared love for acting as well as curating events.
 “After we did Bahu Hamari Rajnikant, we actually did our first event for a clinic in Bandra, which is called RSB Wellness. So first we just started with RSB Wellness but then we realised that we do have a flair for it. Then we started doing more events but unfortunately after that Covid happened and our industry obviously involved a lot of people coming together so we had to pause. Now we are back in action again. We are planning to tap a lot of brands. We would like to do events for everything like stores, brands, restaurants and all. So, yes we did realise over the period of time that we have a lot of friends, and some of us share similar interests. So it’s been a lot of fun because we both really enjoy curating events,” says Vahbiz
Vahbiz and Tanvi have known each other for 12 years now. Over the years their bond has only become stronger. “We were discussing this the other day about how we met while shooting Pyaar Ki Ek Kahani in 2010. At that time, we shared the same vanity. And, we just got talking and things clicked. After that, we just never looked back. We don’t talk to each other every day, but we just have that bond that is unbreakable for life because we are so similar in so many things. We both are very bubbly, friendly, talkative, career-oriented, ambitious, and business-minded. I think we jell really well,” she smiles.  
The duo plans to keep doing this. “We are going to balance our acting career, influence and events. So, we are just looking forward to turning a new leaf, even with the events. By God’s grace, whatever good opportunity will come by, we will keep diving deep into it and we will always be associated with good brands. For us, it will always be quality over quantity,” she ends.

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