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Tulsi Kumar Presents a Musical Treat on her Birthday with ‘Tu Mera’ from her ‘Truly Konnected’ Series



Tulsi Kumar, a popular singer and songwriter, has gifted her fans a delightful musical treat on her birthday with the release of her single ‘Tu Mera’ from her ‘Truly Konnected’ series. The romantic song is an easy-listening track with catchy beats that reflects the bohemian spirit of the music video directed by Sumit Baruah and featuring Tulsi Kumar and Zaan Khan. The song, penned by Tulsi Kumar and Mukesh Agarwal with music by Prasoon Srivastava, is the first track from the artist’s ‘Truly Konnected’ series, which showcases a different sound and music sensibility.

Tulsi Kumar’s latest release ‘Tu Mera’ is a significant departure from her usual style and shows her musical versatility. The song is a refreshing and youthful composition with an indie touch, different from anything she has done before. As a part of her ‘Truly Konnected’ series, Tulsi Kumar has curated these tracks for her fans and music lovers as a way of thanking them for their constant love and support.

In an interview, Tulsi Kumar expressed her excitement about the release of her new song, saying, “Tu Mera is a very different song with an indie touch to it and unlike anything I’ve done before. As a part of my Truly Konnected series, this track is very special to me and is very young, fresh and breezy. I enjoyed the experience of penning the lyrics and singing the song because I’m personally connected to it. I hope my fans enjoy my special ‘dedication’ to them.”


Zaan Khan, who stars in the music video with Tulsi Kumar, shared his experience of working with her and praised the track for its youthful appeal. He said, “When I heard the track, I absolutely loved it, and I think it will have a strong connection with the young audience. It was a pleasure working with Tulsi, who is not only extremely talented but very warm and welcoming.”

The composer of the song, Prasoon Srivastava, revealed that the song is very free-spirited, and the arrangement blends guitar tunes with interesting beats. He said, “Tulsi had a very clear vision with this track, and I’m happy with how the song turned out.” The music video director, Sumit Baruah, shared his experience of shooting the visuals and said, “We shot at some really interesting locations – very virgin and undiscovered spots. The visuals capture moments because we wanted it to feel personal and for the emotions to come through in the music video. Tulsi and Zaan share beautiful onscreen chemistry, which comes through in Tu Mera.”

The ‘Truly Konnected’ series is a significant departure from Tulsi Kumar’s usual style, and it reflects her evolution as an artist. The series showcases a new sound and music sensibility, and the tracks have a distinct and personal touch. Tulsi Kumar has personally curated these songs for her fans and music lovers, thanking them for their constant love and support. The release of ‘Tu Mera’ marks the beginning of a new phase in Tulsi Kumar’s career, where she explores new styles and sounds, demonstrating her versatility as an artist.

Tulsi Kumar has a massive following on social media, and her fans eagerly await her new releases. With ‘Tu Mera’ from her ‘Truly Konnected’ series, she has once again proved her musical prowess and her ability to connect with her audience. The song is a testament to her creativity and her willingness to explore new styles and sounds.

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