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This wedding season, what’s making the Great Khali go ‘boo hoo’ instead of ‘balle balle’?



This wedding season, what’s making the Great Khali go ‘boo hoo’ instead of ‘balle balle’?

What’s making the iconic wrestling champion of India – The Great Khali – so so sad? The powerful personality that once sent shivers down the spine of his opponent in the wrestling ring, was spotted with a sad and long face, staring away into the distance. Just like his fans, we are left wondering too – aakhir Khali ko hua kya hai?
In his latest Insta story, Khali is seen all dressed up in finery, complete with a sherwani and pagdi. But he isn’t wearing his usual signature smile, but instead there is evident gloom and an inverted smile. It is the shaadi season after all, and watching Khali shake a leg or groove to some beats is what we would’ve loved to see. Could it be that he was all set to be at some wedding, but then, for some reason, couldn’t make it? A little birdie tells us that the Gentle Giant was even spotted wiping away tears, with what seems like a shagun ka lifafa! Is he a tad bit hurt about not making it to the guest list of some of the recent fancy weddings? Has he missed it all – band, baajaa, baraat and the buffet?!

And he isn’t giving us much to go by, however there is some sadposting and words like ‘band, baajaa & BUFFET, sab miss ho gaya’ on his Instagram story here –

Well, we do hope he gets back to his good old cheerful self. Though we may have a slight idea on what could bring the smile back to his face, or atleast get his taste buds tingling, we ain’t saying anymore now! Stay tuned to the Great Khali’s Insta page to know what happens next…


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