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“This story depicts how a mother-daughter relationship evolves through time,” says actress Bhumika Dube



"This story depicts how a mother-daughter relationship evolves through time," says actress Bhumika Dube

The actor stars in Zee Theatre’s presentation of Krishna Sobti’s acclaimed novella ‘Aye Ladki’

Sahitya Akademi Fellowship, Katha Chudamani Award and Jnanpith Award winner Krishna Sobti’s writing was unique not just for its mixture of idiomatic Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi but also for its ability to probe the female psyche and paint the many seasons of the human heart with utmost honesty.
Zee Theater’s presentation of her novella ‘Aye Ladki’, explores the complicated relationship between two women from different generations. Actor Bhumika Dube who stars in the teleplay says, “This story depicts how complex a mother-daughter relationship can be.” ‘Aye Ladki’ revolves around a bedridden old woman reliving her youth, marriage, pregnancy, joys and sorrows while she is being cared for by her devoted daughter. Her manner is often hurtful and she addresses her daughter as ‘Aye Ladki’ but the bond between the two remains unbroken despite the challenges of illness and caregiving.
Bhumika says, “What I found to be most interesting in this story is that the writer does not sugarcoat the parent child relationship and shows how tough things can be when the roles are reversed, and a daughter has to become the mother of her mother. Our director Rasika Agashe knew the character graph of both women so well and helped outline their strengths and vulnerabilities with great clarity, making it easy for the actors to perform.”
The play she hopes will make the audience value their loved ones even through the most difficult phases of life and says, “What the story demonstrates is that we need to demonstrate unfailing compassion when we are being challenged the most by life and relationships. Being part of this story has been one of the most enriching experiences of my life.”
Directed by Rasika Agashe, the play also stars Sapna Sand, and Manjeet Yadav and will air on 21st November on Tata Play Theatre.

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