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The new drama begins in Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani



The new drama begins in Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Dastaan Naagmani

Dangal TV is emerging as the fastest growing channel which is gaining popularity for its unique content. They are providing daily five hours of fresh programming and their wide range of shows are being lapped by audiences.

Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani has a stellar cast in the form of Aditya Redij, Aleya Ghosh, Pavitra Punia, Aditya Shukla, Neha Yadav and Bindiya Kalra.

The latest on the show is the track where Paro(the female lead- Aleya Ghosh) attempts to capture Mohini(Chudail- Pavitra Punia) in a bottle and finally she is captured and unable to come out. Paro who has been searching the Chudail since a long time, as she had killed Shankar (her husband in previous birth played by actor Aditya Redij). There is threat on Shankar’s life in this birth too and the Chudail aims to snatch the Naagmani from Paro as she wants to be immortal and young forever by getting the Naagmani. Will Paro succeed in keeping Chudail in bottle for long? Will Shankar’s life be in danger again? To find out keep watching Ishq Ki Dastaan – Naagmani every Monday to Saturday prime time at 9.30 PM

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