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The entry of a mysterious character in Dangal TV’s show “Mann Sundar” will bring a new twist.  




Day by day new twists are coming in new episodes of Dangal TV’s serial Mann Sundar . Now a new character is going to enter in this show who looks very ugly, who is this mysterious character, you will know by watching the upcoming episodes of the show.                                                                                                                                          
Actress Shruti Anand, who is playing the female lead of the serial Mann Sundar, told that Ruchita had gone to the temple and met a helpless girl there, on whom she felt pity and brought her to home . Now the entry of that new character is quite a bang. Big twist is about to come. The story that is going on so far is quite different. Who could be this girl, this big drama will be seen by the audience. This poor girl is followed by goons, Ruchita takes pity on her and brings her home. She was looking for work so Ruchita decided to help her. When she brings home, what is Nihar’s reaction, whether the mother and father want to keep her or not, the whole story moves forward, an interesting twist is about to come. This twist will be enjoyed by the audience.”                                                                                        
Shivam Khajuria, who is playing the role of Nihar, said that with the entry of this girl, there are going to be a lot of twists in my life and Ruchita’s life and also in the house. Either this girl will support Ruchita or she will be against her, for that you have to watch Mann Sundar .                                                                                               
Manisha Saxena, who is playing the role of Nihar’s sister-in-law Ritu, said that this scene is quite dramatic. If the public wants more drama , then we are putting a new turn and twist in every episode. I am very excited for the entry of a new guest in the show as that character is going to bring a big twist in the show. We are having a lot of fun doing these scenes . I will not be able to recognize that character right now, so there is no change in Ritu’s life, but yes there is a relationship with Ritu, which we do not even know when it will be revealed.                                          
Aparna Ghoshal essaying the character of Poonam Goyal said that the audience finds Ruchita’s character very connected and feels that what is happening to her is going wrong. The show also carries forward the message of women empowerment. The entry of the new member in the house still remains suspense, we all are finding out who this girl is.                                                           
Mamata Luthra who plays Dadi said, I keep making new plans with my daughter-in-law and harass Ruchita. The girl Ruchita has brought to the house, we do not even know who this girl is. He is a mystery character for us.                          
Aayushi Khurana, who is playing the role of new girl Amrita, said that a new character is going to enter in the show. Amrita is coming as sunahri in the show. In TV serials, the audience has never seen such a look of a girl, a very ugly and black girl has been shown, there is also a little suspense, drama, who is this girl, what is going to happen, no one knows anything. The family members don’t know that this girl is Amrita, Ritu doesn’t even know that she is her relative . Why Amrita has come like this, what is the reason behind this ?                                              
Shruti Anand is playing the role of Ruchita and Shivam Khajuria is playing the role of Nihar in this show. Amitabh Ghanekar is playing the role of Ruchita’s father, Geeta Bisht is playing the role of Ruchita’s mother and Kajal Khan Chandani is playing the role of grandmother. Krishna Ganesh is playing the role of Ruchita’s brother, Palak Jain is playing the role of friend. Sanjay is playing the role of Nihar’s father, Aparna Ghoshal as Nihar’s mother, Mamta Luthra as grandmother and Suraj Punjabi as Nihar’s brother. Manisha Saxena is playing the role of Nihar’s sister-in-law Ritu. The show Mann Sundar is being telecasted from Monday to Saturday at 8:30 pm on Dangal TV.

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