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The emotional ups and downs are essential elements of TV grammar: Mehul Buch



The emotional ups and downs are essential elements of TV grammar: Mehul Buch

It’s the darkness that makes us appreciate the light, and this is very true as far as the Indian television industry goes. The audience laughs, cries, and cheers seeing their favourite shows and characters on-screen. Actor Mehul Buch, who plays Dhanraj Chaudhary in the show, feels such sequences are important parts of a TV show.

“I can only compare daily soap stories with those amusing roller-coaster rides. Perfect timing and balanced emotions make it very interesting and entertaining. The emotional ups and downs are essential elements of TV grammar. So we need tools like conflict, tragedy, and comedy at the perfect timing,” he said, adding, “As white is seen best in a dark background, we need sad emotions to highlight the happy moments.”

He further said, “‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ is a perfectly balanced narration of different emotions. The story of the show is narrated in such a perfect way with well-defined characters that as an actor we feel the emotions that the writers want to convey. That’s the reason we actors can deliver our best performance without any strain.”

The actor revealed that he is getting good feedback for his performance in the show, and said, “More and more people are getting connected to our show. It is already on the rising path on online viewing and I am sure we will get good TRP numbers soon.”


Asked about the environment on the set, he said it’s amazing, adding that he bonds well with Pallavi Pradhan who plays his on-screen wife. He further said, “She is my very old friend. We did a couple of Gujarati plays and an amazing Gujarati serial called Aparajeeta. So we have a really good bond. All the other actors including Shaheer (Sheikh) and Hiba (Nawab) are so sweet and friendly. Together we make a perfect team and Rajan Shahiji as a producer with Romesh (Kalra) ji and the team at Director’s Kut Production is a bundle of positivity.”

Praising Rajan Shahi, he added, “Everyone on the set will agree that Rajanji’s sets are home away from home. He always makes us feel very special. Everyone at Director’s Kut production is always there to provide the best possible comfort to the artists. So Rajan Shahiji’s set is indeed home away from home for us.”

The name of the show is unique, and Mehul confessed that all actors including him are very different behind the camera. “Our set of ‘Woh Toh Hai Albelaa’ is full of Albelaas behind the camera,” he concluded.

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