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The cast of Ishqiyoun talks about National Cinema Day!



The cast of Ishqiyoun talks about National Cinema Day!

On September 23, today, theatres across India are celebrating National Cinema Day by charging a fixed rate of ₹75 for movie tickets. The cast of Ishqiyoun, produced by Himanshoo Pathak and director Payal Saxena, share their plans for the same.

Hiten Tejwani
National Cinema Day should be celebrated every month. I am really excited for this day. I believe everyone will be happy with this initiative and the reduced ticket prices will encourage all the cinema goers to go with their families.

Prathmesh Sharma
I am very feverish about the day! In my opinion it’s an appreciable initiative. It will be very pocket friendly for those who don’t have a lot of money to have a world class cinema experience like in IMAX where the usual ticket starts from 800rs and it’s also a sign of equality. It doesn’t matter how much your appetite to pay is, you will still be charged 75 rs for any seat be it recliner or classic. I am sure I will go if I get time. I will watch Bhahmastra or Sita Raman.

Mausam Dubey
This is such a huge and memorable day. I really want to thank MAI (Multiplex Association Of India). These kinds of initiatives are required, this is a gift for all the moviegoers. When savings and entertainment will be served to them together, MAI will make them smile even brighter. I’ll be very honest, I work as an actor in the industry, so for me everyday is National Cinema Day, but yes, I am very happy with this initiative. We can remind the world how fun it is to go to the cinemas. MAI’s Initiative is gonna play a pivotal role for our industry, and it’s going to be an immense day for films and filmmakers and it’s going to be a memorable day for all of us.


Ajita Kulkarni
This has come as a gift for all the moviegoers. I am extremely excited. After the pandemic, this is an awesome opportunity for families to go and watch their favourite movies in the theatre. I am also going to watch Brahmastra.

Ankit Raj Jha
I am very excited and I think it’s a great initiative by the multiplex association of India. In my point of view in every movie there should be a day where the cost of the ticket should be rupees 75 for the students only because they are not earning yet. Well I think I will watch “Matto Ki Cycle” cause I am a very big fan of Prakas Jha sir

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