Sumit Kaul: The more I invest in my meditation, the less I feel the need to be motivated from the outside



For actor Sumit Kaul, the desire to do something has always come from within. The actor says that he has never had to motivate himself or have a role model to emulate.

“Every person is unique and a result of the combination of certain influences and a certain personality. So, the idea of trying to replicate someone else’s life is futile. And yet everyone has the possibility of rising above despite limitations they may have within or hurdles faced from the outside. When you see someone achieve something incredible, especially despite several disadvantages, it makes for an inspiring story and can prove to be extremely motivating even if you are in no way like the person. So I have never looked at anybody as a role model, rather I’m constantly looking for inspiring stories and people as it motivates me towards tapping into my true potential,” he says.

He adds, “Having said that, you can find someone inspiring and yet will need to dig deep within. Meditation helps me with this. In fact, the more I invest in my meditation, the less I feel the need to be motivated from the outside.”

Ask him what success means to him, and he says, “The meaning of success, to me, lies in loving the process and not achieving any targets or goals. Anyone who honestly looks at his life will realise goals keep changing as one ages. So, I prefer to focus on the process and enjoy it thoroughly. I have gained tremendously by using this method and have realised the goals and targets then end up taking care of themselves.”


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