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Sudha Chandran: Many celebrities are attending to a lot of social causes, doing field work too… may be some don’t talk about it, some don’t get noticed



Every celebrity supports one cause or the other just by their mere presence or by attending events. However, there are hardly a few of them who are going out there and doing real field work. Sudha Chandran has a different take on this whole discussion. The popular dancer and actor shares her opinion.
“Yes, a lot of celebrities are attending to a lot of causes and it is not that they don’t go into the field and do the work. Maybe some don’t come out, some don’t get noticed, but yes there are a lot of celebs who are doing a lot of things for the society,” she says.
If every celebrity supports a specific cause and constantly works on the field, then they can influence a lot more people to join in. And, together, it would make a huge impact because just donating money or attending an event or doing PR does not really make a difference.
“Donating money and standing up for a cause is also a very big thing because how many of us actually go out and contribute that big amount that makes the change? So celebs who are doing it are doing a great job but I think it’s very important that all of us in our own small way try to do something for the society. And, if we are able to do it then society will be a beautiful place to live in. If all of us take up a cause in a big or small way by physically being present and working towards it, then there is nothing impossible. But I also feel since celebs are also busy with their own work, they cannot put in their 100% in the social work that they are a part of. But, I truly appreciate the fact that there are so many celebs who are contributing monetarily also because that help is also very important. The money is needed for these causes and can help the people come out of their hardships,” she says.
An Effective way to bring about a change, according to Sudha, is that one should stop asking what the government is doing for them, rather be the change they want to see. “Ask yourself what you are doing for the government, society and for your country. I think once we get the answers for these questions that will definitely bring about the much-required change,” she adds.
There are many causes that are close to Sudha’s heart. “But the cause that I stand for is definitely dignity for the specially challenged, because being a specially challenged person myself I can understand the practical and the physical problems that all of us encounter. So I stand up for that cause and make sure that whenever I get an opportunity I raise my voice and thankfully my voice gets heard and a solution comes in. So yes, I think you need to keep doing this over and over again to make sure our stand and our voices are heard,” she ends.

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