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Subuhii Joshii : We must get menstruation leave!



Subuhii Joshii : We must get menstruation leave!

While India has come a long way in terms of equality, a lot more needs to be done, says actress Subuhii Joshii. She adds that equality is more than a salary dispute, it has got to do with how we make a woman feel comfortable when she is on her period.

“According to me, we all talk about equality, women, salary disparity and it’s not right because menstruation is still not a big thing, it’s just it comes every month and it’s normal and every woman gets it. But for a person like me, every month when I get menstruation, I have to go to the hospital twice because I get such bad cramps and such bad pain which can’t be computed. It’s such a difficult thing. And as we get sick leave, we should definitely get menstruation leave for the first 2 days because it’s very painful and the worst for me. Everybody should support this decision,” she says.

She adds, “I am not someone who says women are not stronger or men are not, but when it comes to something like this it should be considered very serious just as any other sickness. That time when you have to spend the whole day working and travelling is very tiring, exhausting and stressful for a woman so it would be really great if this is implemented. And it is still a taboo that people are still shy talking about periods. In fact, even saying ‘periods’. Women anyway deal through so much in their daily lives. Everybody should deserve a happy and healthy life.