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Sitar for Mental Health’s World Tour Now Reaches Home



Sitar for Mental Health’s World Tour Now Reaches Home

Sitarist, music producer and mental health advocate, Rishab Rikhiram Sharma brings ‘Sitar for Mental Health’ to India after touring the world. As a part of the India leg of the tour, Rishab will be performing in Ahmedabad on the 20th of January 2023.These hour-long musical recitals are designed to invoke states of deep reflection, receptivity, and introspection. Sitar for Mental Health events are multi-sensory-immersive experiences helping bridge ancient practices of sound and energy medicine using traditional Indian Classical music. The session will focus on silence, deep listening, and the gradual adoption of the development of musical improvisation and consciousness. Rishab uses Sitar as a tool to navigate the audience through a journey which begins with focusing on a personal intention and in due course sensing their emotions.

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