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Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Jaswinder Gardner: If you’re passionate, dedicated and hardworking, this industry gives you chance to prove your talent



Sindoor Ki Keemat actor Jaswinder Gardner: If you’re passionate, dedicated and hardworking, this industry gives you chance to prove your talent

Jaswinder Gardner is part of Dangal Tv’s Sindoor Ki Keemat, by Four lions Production. The actor plays the role of Kalpana in the show that airs on Dangal TV. Happy with her character, Kalpana opens up about the show and what makes it special.

“Sindoor Ki Keemat is a beautiful title. As we all know, Sindoor is the sign of a married woman. It’s her pride. Our society is quite biased because they are in favour of the married woman but not the unmarried or widow. Every woman has to pay sindoor ki keemat by taking charge of so many responsibilities. Sindoor ki keemat is just a short sentence, but it takes a lifetime to pay its worth is what this story is about and hence the title,” she explains.

Kalpana, according to Jaswinder, is a very sweet character. “She is intelligent and strong. Kalpana has a sacrificing nature, she’s the perfect mother, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law and wife. She wants peace in her home. On the whole, she’s a perfect character and I enjoy playing this part. In real life too I am the person who wants and always tries to keep my family together. That’s how I relate to my on-screen personality,” she adds.

On the set, the actor bonds with everyone. The team is like a family. “But I spend a lot of time with Prateik Chaudhary, who plays my younger son, Ashwin, in the show. He is always asking me about his shots and we share a lot of things. We both are fitness enthusiasts so in that case also we advise each other. Even though I bond very well with Kiran Bhargava ma’am and Meena Naithani ma’am. They both are like motherly figures to me. I admire their journey in the industry. I also have a very special bond with Mishri (Vaibhavi Hankare), Arjun (Shehzad Shaikh)and Priya (Prerna Sharma),” she says.


Working in the industry for years now, Jaswinder shares that the role she played in Rowdy Rathore got her much fame. “My character, that is an important one in the film, has been highly appreciated. Also, the last show that I worked on, Ishq Par Zor Nahi, got me a lot of love and appreciation for Savitri’s role. Also, the Kaleerian show on Zee made me hit the nominations for Zee Awards and ITA Awards in the best supporting actor category. I feel very grateful for all of them,” she smiles.

The best thing about the entertainment industry is that every artist is here to follow their passion. “The fact that the audience inspires us to give our best is also special. People who get so busy with their lives get to enjoy some drama, laughter and get entertained because of us. This is the best thing about this industry. Along with all these, we also get money, fame, love, respect and at the end learning a lot. It feels amazing to see how much we touch people’s lives every day,” she adds.

As far as competition is concerned, it is not an easy task to wade through it, shares Jaswinder. “There are thousands of people who come to try their luck in this industry. But I believe, when I came here no one knew me and I always wondered will I be able to do this? But if you have passion, dedication and if you work on your skills, this industry will definitely give you the chance to prove your talent,” she says.

About her experience of working with Dangal TV, she adds, “My experience of working with Dangal TV it’s been amazing. I would like to congratulate the whole team for putting in so much effort to take this channel to newer heights. Another good thing is that they maintain quality. On the whole it’s a wonderful experience and the show is doing very well. It’s fun working here.”

Watch Sindoor Ki Keemat, Monday to Saturday, at 9pm , only on Dangal TV


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