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Shreyas Talpade’s Kaun Pravin Tambe Nominated For Filmfare Awards! Click on the link to VOTE NOW!



Shreyas Talpade's Kaun Pravin Tambe Nominated For Filmfare Awards! Click on the link to VOTE NOW!

Shreyas Talpade puts on an earnest act and showcases his range as a performer. He leaves us with a rather memorable experience and gives it his all, shining thorough the narrative of the film. His really great performance garnered a lot of love and praise from the audience as well as critcs and now the film has been nominated for Filmfare Awards

Directed by director Jayprad Desai Kaun Pravin Tambe captures the struggles the character had to undergo to balance his cricket, profession, and personal life.Kaun Pravin Tambe  traces the life of a cricketer, who was never given a shot at proving his credentials but used the one opportunity to shut all his naysayers with his brilliant on-field performance.

Shreyas Talpade, who has been a nonstop entertainer throughout his journey and career has played memorable roles in many Bollywood films. Now, he is currently shooting for 3 ongoing movies Emergency, Kartam Bhuktam and Single Salmaa. Another one of his ongoing series is Majhi Tujhi Reshimgaath.

Sharing his excitement, the actor says,”We have been overwhelmed by the love you have showered upon us ❤️ Kaun Pravin Tambe is now nominated for the Filmfare Awards. Please vote for us and drown us in your love 😀 all over again! Thank you 🙏”


The link for casting your precious vote is below.

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