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Sherlyn Chopra stuns in her latest venture: Black Magic



Bollywood actress and social activist, Sherlyn Chopra, has once again proven her versatility as an artist with her latest short film, Black Magic. The psychological thriller has already created quite a buzz among fans and critics alike, with Chopra’s chilling performance as the antagonist leaving viewers in awe.

The film, which is set to be released soon on a leading OTT platform, has already garnered attention for its haunting plot and eerie atmosphere. But what makes Black Magic even more intriguing is the mysterious incidents that occurred during its filming.

On the last day of shooting a crucial scene, Chopra and her crew witnessed several inexplicable incidents that left them shaken. The flickering of lights and the sudden fall of a lamp were just the beginning, as the crew then spotted a black cat at the location that took Chopra’s breath away. The entire experience left the crew spooked, with members chanting the Hanuman Chalisa until the shoot was over.


Despite these unnerving incidents, Chopra remained professional and delivered a stunning performance in Black Magic. Critics who have had the opportunity to view the film have praised her portrayal of the cold, evil antagonist, saying that it gave them literal goosebumps.

But Chopra’s talent is not the only reason to watch Black Magic. The film’s plot is equally captivating, with its focus on the dark and dangerous world of black magic. The psychological thriller promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats as they follow the protagonist’s journey into this perilous realm.

Chopra’s involvement in Black Magic is just one of three short films that she has completed. Her return to the screen after a hiatus has been much anticipated, and it’s clear that the actress has not lost her touch.

In addition to her work as an actress, Chopra has been vocal about her experiences as a survivor of sexual assault and harassment.

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