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Shashwat Sachdev’s latest release ‘EK Ghar’ chronicles his childhood dream of ‘Apna Ek Ghar Banae’



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Ek Ghar (Official Video) - Shashwat Sachdev | Indiea Records

“Childhood comes with the luxury of dreaming” says the writer & singer of the song Shashwat. Ek Ghar is like a blanket on a cold autumn day. The minute you drape it on, the feeling of warmth and familiarity starts to creep in slowly; it’s touching & emotionally familiar. The track lays emphasis on the feeling of love and longing; it is about dreams and desire, like the warmth of a fireplace. Shashwat Sachdev keeps the melody simple and effective with a crescendo at the right points, and the lyrics draw a picture of pristine innocence.

When asked where he pulls inspiration from, he says ” I draw my inspiration from real life experiences and people, and my restless mind of course. I’m always thinking about a lot of things, so it’s very therapeutic for me to be able to turn my thoughts into songs”

“I would like to describe my music as painting” says Sha, For me, the lyrical work and poetry in the music is very important. Every person is uniquely different and if you honestly and willingly look at it, the song comes out unique and alive.


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