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Sanjay Gagnani Shares Lohri Pictures with Wife Poonam Preet



Sanjay Gagnani Shares Lohri Pictures with Wife Poonam Preet

The first festival of the year Lohri is behind us but with its end it has left behind some happy memories. Bollywood has always regarded Lohri as one of the most important and enjoyed festivals and here’s how Sanjay Gagnani and wife Poonam Preet celebrated the festival. Sharing pictures of them lighting the lohri fire, the couple looked happy and beautiful together in their festive attires.

The festival which is widely celebrated across North India marks the end of winter as farmers look forward to a new harvest season. Sharing that Lohri has always meant family fun, good food and a lot of sweets, even as he juggles multiple projects, love for the festival has driven him to be with his family and join in the celebration.

Talking about his memories regarding the festival, Sanjay says “I have many good childhood memories associated with Lohri and the excitement of this festival. The songs, the dances, the coming together of families is the highlight of Lohri. Lohri is a really special festival as it starts off the year, I spend it with my family and close ones. It is an opportunity to rejoice, to count your blessings and to be grateful for a new harvest season. Home made special food is the highlight of any festival especially Lohri and I also love having Rewadi and Till ke Laddoo.”