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Rohit Choudhary: You don’t need to become exactly like your role model



Rohit Choudhary: You don’t need to become exactly like your role model

Be the best version of yourself, says actor Rohit Choudhary, adding that having a role model does not mean that you need to emulate them. The actor says that for him, his role model has been his father and he has learnt so much from him.

“Everyone has a role model and my father is my role model. I have learned a lot from him, the biggest one being that no matter how difficult the situations are, one should never panic and be confident. No matter how big the problem is, you should face it and keep working hard towards your goal. One should not do any bad thing to gain temporary benefit and one should never do anything wrong. My father, although he was not very well off, never compromised his self-respect. He would still give money to the needy,” he says.

He adds, “You don’t need to become exactly like your role model, you admire them and learn from them. How you are, make yourself the best in that. Nobody has all the good qualities or all the bad qualities and looking at how your role model manages situations, you will learn too. From my father, I have learned that even if things are going bad, whether it’s in business or other things, you should face the situation with patience and confidence because life has its ups and downs. There are losses and gains. One should not run away from problems and rather resolve them. I keep myself motivated and, for me, the biggest motivation is the one I get from fitness. I exercise daily as it keeps me mentally and physically strong and that keeps me motivated. Yes, there are times when you feel low but that should not affect your mindset as good things will come with time.”

Ask him what success means to him, and he says, “When you start feeling that whatever things you want to do, you are capable of doing those things financially, that means you are successful. One should keep working towards one’s goals. When I started working, then within 2-3 years, I started feeling a sense of achievement. Whatever work we do, the income that is generated is not only for us or for our family but for our country as well as 20-25% of your earnings go to your country as well. That, itself, is a big achievement