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Ratan Raajputh: We are celebrating National Girl Child Day before time



24th January is National Girl Child Day, and Santoshi Maa – Sunayein Vrat Kathayein actress Ratan Raajputh is happy that people are celebrating it. But she feels that more work needs to be done when it comes to girls.
“I don’t know according to which ratio it is being said that now with a girl’s birth the same celebration is there as it is for boys. I really don’t connect with this. The society where I come from and seeing the mentality around, I can tell that yes it’s good that we have a girl but there is nothing like a celebration,” she said. 
“Today also people wait to welcome sons. I have seen in many rural areas that there is a difference in educating a girl and a boy. With girls, the mentality is that they would be married off soon and will do the household chores, so that’s why they focus more on boys’ education. I feel we are just looking at the cities and towns, but we should see the true India which is villages,” she added. 
According to her, today also in most parts of India there are many babas who sell churan for having a boy child. 
“Many businessman in big cities plan surrogacy and test tube babies because they want a son. There is still time in gaining equality between girls and boys. We are celebrating before time,” she said.

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