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Ranveer Singh Malik on producer Prateek Sharma and Studio LSD: Working with them has been a learning and overwhelming experience for me



Everyone who collaborates with Prateek Sharma and his production house Studio LSD, has nice things to say about them. Joining the group is actor Ranveer Singh Malik, who is a part of his ongoing TV show, Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan.
“Well working with the Studio LSD team and especially with our charming producer Mr Prateek Sharma has been an overwhelming experience for me. I just want to thank him for orchestrating an extraordinary learning, growth and adventure curve for me. Beyond the glitz and glamour, there is immense hard work behind the scenes and we have experienced a front row seat to all the planning and action that has transformed our lives. Only love and respect for the great person that he is. I wish happiness and peace for him and his entire family,” Ranveer sounds emotional.
The actor plays the role of Rahul in Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan and says that the show has added a lot to his character.
“Well, it has given a boost to my career. Earlier I used to do only positive roles and now the audience and everyone has got to know that I can play negative characters very well too. Big thanks to Mr Prateek Sharma for seeing Rahul in me and for also making people see my versatility,” he adds.
Ranveer says that as a producer Prateek surely knows the pulse of the audience. “He works towards a certain vision and makes sure that each and every character in the show comes out well, and has their unique journey. That’s why every character is so well executed and portrayed,” he shares.
Talking about the current track that is on air in regards to his character, Ranveer adds, “Well, my current track is that Rahul is getting anxious to take revenge from Radha ( Neeharika Roy) for how she humiliated him in front of the whole family during the Teej sequence. So right now, Rahul is looking for the right time and move to satisfy his ego which has been ruptured.”

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