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Randeep Hooda profoundly calls Sarson Ka Khet the true essence of Punjab as it portrays hard-work.



Randeep Hooda profoundly calls Sarson Ka Khet the true essence of Punjab as it portrays hard-work.

Actor Randeep Hooda, is set to bring an intense and authentic story from Punjab with his upcoming crime thriller series ‘Cat’. The show promises an action-packed tale that is set in Punjab and focuses on a brother’s love and espionage.

Set in the backdrop of insurgency and drug peddling in Punjab, Hooda steps into a turbaned avatar of Gurnam Singh. And with this he wants to shatter every misconception that the film industry has about Punjab. “Sarson ke khet in Hindi films are shown as the perfect setting for love, but when you visit it a khet it signifies the Khoon Paseena ki mehnat of a Farmer but in reality it takes blood, sweat, hard work, water, fertiliser, saving the crop from rain, hail and more,” he says.

Such is his love for Punjabi that Hooda even refused to dub for the show in Hindi , “A sardar speaking Hindi, that too from a background the character is from, would have looked pretty awkward.” While the show is in Punjabi, it would be available in both Hindi and English.

Well as the CAT is finally out of the bag and Hooda has been receiving immense love and appreciation from the audiences for his Punjabi Character now . As Every time Randeep does something new, you know you want to see much more of him. The series indeed uses Randeep’s talents fabulously. Randeep as Gurnam screams Punjab in every frame, every line, every gunshot, and every flashback.


In the words of the critics , “Randeep Hooda is the highlight of the show as he embodies the character of Gurnaam Singh properly and craftily. Thus, when you see him on the screen, you won’t see an actor but instead a character who might be servile, calm, composed but can get lethal, calculative and ruthless at the drop of the hat. Clad in a turban and sporting a beard, Randeep Hooda certainly shatters the stereotype around Sikhs portrayed in cinema”

Produced by Movie Tunnel Productions in association with Jelly Bean Entertainment, ‘Cat’ released today on Netflix.