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Raj Anadkat and Adaa Khan’s musical love story ‘Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar’ set the mood for Navratri



Raj Anadkat and Adaa Khan's musical love story 'Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar' set the mood for Navratri

If you just started developing feelings for someone, we got a perfect song for you-

United White Flag Presents Rajdeep Chatterjee’s “HO GAYA HAI NAAL TERE PYAR”, Music/Director – Ramji Gulati, Lyricist – Moody Akkhar, Producer – Jitin Agrawal And Rajesh Talesara, Poster By – F1 Digitals

Launch saw the presence of Eijaz Khan, Pavitra Punia, Abhishek Nigam, Siddharth Nigam, Kinshuk Vaidya, Sneha Jain, Devish Ahuja, Shruti Sharma, Kumaar, Varun Buddhadev, Het Thakkar, Sunny Bawra, Inder Bawra, Sushant Rinkoo, Amit Gupta, Himanshi Rawal, Chitralekha Sen, & many more.

Navratri season is here and it’s celebration time. Bring out your dandiya sticks and dance to romantic beats of United White Flag’s new song ‘Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar’.


This festive number tells us how exciting being in love can be. Your partner becomes everything you think about, and your body reacts in the most beautiful ways – flushed cheeks, constant smiling, and you become the happiest version of yourself. Not just its lyrics, even the instruments sound romantic in this song

You will crave for such love after seeing the strong bond between Raj and Adaa. The song portrays their true love that ties them together till the end.

Music composer and Director, Ramji Gulati says “Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar is all about that feeling when you don’t want the day to end so you’ll never have to part with the person you like. That rush of freedom when you love someone – that’s what makes it so special”

Raj Anadkat says “Super duper excited for my second song ‘ Ho Gaya hai naal tere pyar ‘ it’s my second song with Ramji . It was fun shooting this song in Dubai. Working first time with Adaa khan & it was good working with her . I am sure people are definitely Gng to fall in love with our new song . Thanks to all my fans for making my first song super hit . It has crossed 21M and still counting . I want everyone to show more and more love on my second song too & make it Super duper hit . Can’t wait to share this song with them”

Adaa Khan says “Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar has a feeling everyone has felt at some point of time. It has a very youthful melody. I had great time shooting the song. I would like to thank each and every person for making this song so beautiful”


Singer Rajdeep Chatterjee says “If you have ever fallen in love, Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar is your song. Working with Ramji was a great experience. His knack for music is outstanding. Raj and Adaa have done full justice to the song, no one could perform the song better than them. Ramji and I have been like brothers and have been working together since years”

Lyricist Moody Akkhar says “The lyrics of the song communicate the message that people fall in love and share a special bond for life”

Producer Jitin Agrawal says “Both Raj and Adaa have done an outstanding job in the song. Ho Gaya Hai Naal Tere Pyar celebrates love, I am sure it will connect with most people”

Producer Rajesh Talesara says “The first time I heard the song, it stayed with me and I kept humming it again and again. It has a very strong melody”

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