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Pro Panja League Owner Parvin Dabas heads to Raipur to watch “Rumble in the Jungle” -Vijender Singh’s Boxing Fight



Pro Panja League Owner Parvin Dabas
A fun fact that many may not know about Bollywood actor and Pro Panja League owner Parvin Dabas is that he is also a major fan of the sport Boxing. Along with never missing boxing matches, he also trains in the ring each week himself.
He is an ardent follower of the Boxing Star Vijender Singh keeping track of all his matches and a front row fan in all of them.Parvin is now headed to Raipur to see Vijender’s fight on 17th August.
From Vijender’s fights in Mumbai and even in Dubai where he specially flew to see the fight, Parvin has been there. Vijender in return has been very supportive of Parvin’s Pro Panja League and was one of the Chief Guests at the PPL launch in Delhi.
They even collaborated together in Vijender’s last fight in Goa…Battle on Ship…which happened on top of the Majestic Pride Casino boat in Panjim, Goa…where Pro Panja League also had two matches inside the boxing ring.
Parvin says, ” We are both fellow Jats but it is really love for Combat Sports that brings us together. Vijender is a good friend now and I love watching him fight. I’m a big supporter and fan and I wish him goodluck for all his upcoming matches.”

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