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World Health Day: I like the feeling of being strong, says Aditi Shetty

World Health Day: I like the feeling of being strong, says Aditi Shetty



World Health Day: I like the feeling of being strong, says Aditi Shetty

Aditi Shetty says that she has always prioritised her health, both mental and physical. She says that she makes sure to work on her health every day.

“When it comes to physical health, I try my best to workout at least four days a week either yoga, HIIT, weight training or I’ll go for a run. I love dancing. So, I do a dance workout. But I make sure I do that because it definitely has helped me over the years to stay fit. I like the feeling of being strong and that’s why I love lifting weights. So I make sure I do that,” she says.

Aditi adds that the pandemic has also changed her. “I have also become spiritual since lockdown when I had so much of me time. And also, it was such an uncertain time because I didn’t have any work. And we were all at home and we were tense. At that point of time, I realised that my mental and spiritual health also needed to be taken care of. And I started reading about it and I got so intrigued that I tried all of it. It has changed me as a person and I’m loving how it has shaped me. Exercise, meditation, affirmations and just minding my own business and staying away from gossip has really helped me and that’s how I maintain my physical, mental and spiritual health,” she says.

Meanwhile, she adds that working out at the gym also helps. “Speaking about exercise, just doing a workout definitely releases happy hormones, and we are all aware of that, it’s that push to just start a workout. But once you finish that workout, you see so much of difference in everything, like your body responds so well your skin starts glowing, you feel active, you get great sleep, you automatically tend to maintain your diet because you feel like you’ve worked out so hard and you don’t want it to go waste you want to maintain it,” she says.


Ask her for two tips to take care of her health, and she says, “When it comes to spiritual and mental health, I feel like waking up and starting your day with the right frame of mind is very important. And I have seen how it has made so much difference to my life. So yes, I dedicate 15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes in the night before sleeping to meditate and stay with my breath. And as an actor, this really helps me with my craft. So definitely I love that I can’t go without meditating.”

She adds, “Some form of workout, be it yoga, be it dance or weight training is very important for your overall health and well being and your body is going to really thank you for doing that. And one tip that I will give everybody is that just take out time for yourself. And every day, you can just take out like 20-25 minutes for yourself where you take 10 minutes to meditate, 10 minutes to journal, or just write 10 things that you’re grateful for. Because when you’re grateful for something, you actually try to look at the brighter side of life. And when you do that, automatically, you’re in a better frame of mind. And that can really change your entire day, your mood, your work. So these are the two tips that I would like to give anyone who’s reading this, meditate and workout as much as you can.”

Meanwhile, she adds that it’s very important to make sure that we take out time for our health. “Life has become so hectic, our work has become so competitive that we absolutely tend to ignore our health. Whereas our mental health is the most important thing. And I think we all need to have something like a morning ritual or a night ritual where we dedicate that time to ourselves. And we are all aware how important it is to do that, but we end up just ignoring it because we feel like our work is more important. But we need to understand that our body is our temple. And if you don’t respect that, then eventually you will burn out and you will be drained and frustrated and you will not be giving 100% that you are capable of. And I think it really is required to be balanced inside out to do anything in a good way. And just doing simple things like working with your breath. Really goes a long way,” she says.

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