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The ramp opens up with Manisha Ranawat and Leslie Tripathy’s showstopper act at Mumbai Fashion week

The ramp opens up with Manisha Ranawat and Leslie Tripathy’s showstopper act at Mumbai Fashion week



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While Leslie looked no less than a regal queen, Manisha Ranawat stole the thunder with her style
And it has begun! The one-stop destination for fashion lovers, the Mumbai fashion week 2023 kickstarted in BKC Mumbai. While the curtains always guarantee glitz and glamour when they fall, the MFW 2023 promised a gala when we saw B-Town filmmaker turn fashionista Manisha Ranawat and the ever so beautiful Leslie strut in style. The duo turned showstoppers to adds more colour to Magazine, the fashion show. The duo came out to support fashion students from around Mumbai.
Leslie Tripathy is a popular Fashion, Sports Anchor and one of the most sought after Model, Celebrity Influencers in beauty and lifestyle product endorsements , she’s also an award winning Actress, and recently was awarded with her 9th Governor Award for her contribution to cinema in Hindi, Odia,Chhattisgarhi cinema and her motivational book “Because I am Girl” and talk show “Leslie Tripathy Show”
Manisha Ranawat’s colourful lifestyle leads to her colourful and open-minded thoughts. When you are in Bollywood’s spotlight, it is simple to fall for lavish lifestyle. In Bollywood, bigger is always better-in every way. Even Manisha Ranawat lives more significance than life. For her, a lavish and glamorous lifestyle is her priority. Although everything seems of high priority to Manisha Ranawat, nothing goes amiss in this race to get things done. Manisha Ranawat is a multitasker and in to social work, from ending world hunger to enriching children’s lives through her First Humanity Foundation.
Manisha Ranawat, a writer, director, producer, and the production company owner of MD international, is currently working on ‘Jahaan’ The movie’s plot is of true love. Manisha has challenged jahaan to be the most awesome movie of all time and be liked by people across all the expanse and of all age groups. Jahaan will undoubtedly be one of the finest romantic love stories in Indian cinema. A simple story told in the most unexciting and enjoyable manner.

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