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Rabb Se Hai Dua: Haider and Ruhaan pick up a fight

Rabb Se Hai Dua: Haider and Ruhaan pick up a fight



Rabb Se Hai Dua: Haider and Ruhaan pick up a fight

Monday’s episode starts with Ruhaan leaving the house while Haider stops him and punches him. Haider asks him how he can leave like this after doing such things. Ruhaan backlashes at him and tells Haider that he is the one who should feel ashamed of having an affair with Ghazal. Haider is shocked hearing this and remembers Ghazal telling him what Ruhaan thinks of him. Haider grabs Ruhaan by his collar and says that he has forgotten that he is talking to his big brother and Ruhaan replies that he is no one to him now. Haider slaps him and Ruhaan also gives it back, punching him. Haider gets all the happy flashes of him and Ruhaan and Ruhaan insults him badly. Ruhaan slaps himself and Haider emotionally goes to him and tries to make him understand that the whole situation is a misunderstanding but Ruhaan tells him that he is leaving the house.

Dua comes there and stops them and Haider starts blaming her for everything. Ghazal is watching this drama from a distance and is happy that her plan is working. Haider slaps Ruhaan again and blames him for what he did with Ghazal. Ruhaan gets unconscious and Dua stops Haider from beating and says to him that how can he beat his own brother for that Ghazal. Haide blames Dua again while Dua tries to tell him about the secret but he doesn’t listen to her. Haider takes Ruhaan inside while Ghazal comes there and tells Dua that no one will believe her.
In the room, Haider applies some first aid to Ruhaan while Dua tells Ghazal that she will tell Haider everything and will throw you out.

Produced under Prateek Sharma’s Studio LSD, “Rabb Se Hai Dua” features Ad​iti Sharma, Karanvir Sharma, Richa Rathore, Nishigandha Wad, Sheela Sharma, Simron Upadhyay, Sandeep Rajora, Saarvie Omana, Melanie Nazareth, Ankit Raizada and Shalu Shreya. It airs on Zee TV