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Celebrating National Siblings Day: TV Actors Share their Sweet and Sour Relationships with their Siblings




The bond between siblings is unlike any other. It is a unique blend of love, competition, teasing, and support that only siblings can understand. On National Siblings Day, celebrated on April 10th, &TV actors Mayank Mishra, Sanjay Chaudhary, and Charrul Malik shared their sweet and sour relationships with their siblings.

Mayank Mishra, who plays Arvind Gupta in Doosri Maa, shared his experiences with his younger brother, Harshit. Mayank and Harshit have opposite personalities, with Harshit being calm and composed, while Mayank is notorious. Mayank admitted to teasing his younger brother relentlessly, but also shared the unbreakable bond they share. They have stood by each other in many incidents, but Mayank can never forget the time when he stole his father’s shaving kit and shaved Harshit’s eyebrows in half. The incident got hilarious, but Mayank almost had a nervous breakdown when he saw his mother’s rage. Harshit was not ready to go to school the next day, and Mayank was again held responsible for it. Despite the teasing and pranks, Harshit respects Mayank greatly and has never broken his word to him. Their relationship is unbreakable, and they will always love and support each other.

Sanjay Chaudhary, who plays Kamlesh in Happu Ki Ultan Paltan, talked about his elder brother who he regards as a father figure. Sanjay and his brother used to fight, tease, and irritate each other like any other siblings, but they had each other’s backs. His brother has always been a source of encouragement and has helped him financially when he moved to Delhi for his studies and theatre course to pursue an acting career. Sanjay is eternally grateful to have such a wonderful and supportive brother who has always shielded him from harm. He would not be who he is today without his brother’s support.

Charrul Malik, who plays Rusa in Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, is blessed with a twin sister named Parul. Charrul admitted that she took fine arts as a subject in college, even though she was not good at drawing and painting. Parul stayed up late and completed all her assignments for her, and in exchange, Charrul helped her with other work.


Parul has always been a source of inspiration for Charrul and has helped her study well. They are called Charrul and Parul, but no one ever takes Parul’s name first, which she never feels offended by. Parul’s capacity for kindness, patience, and support for Charrul is limitless. She has always supported Charrul in all the big and small decisions she has made in her life, whether they were professional or personal. Charrul is incredibly grateful to have Parul as her twin sister and a part of her life.

The relationships between siblings are complex and dynamic, with ups and downs, but at the end of the day, they have each other’s backs. The bond between siblings is unique and special, and it is important to cherish and celebrate it. National Siblings Day is a reminder to do just that.

The sweet and sour relationships shared by Mayank Mishra, Sanjay Chaudhary, and Charrul Malik with their siblings reflect the reality of sibling relationships. Despite the teasing, pranks, and fights, they have each other’s backs and an unbreakable bond. On National Siblings Day, we should take a moment to appreciate the siblings in our lives and cherish the bond we share with them.

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