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Balraj Syal talks about health on World Health day!

Balraj Syal talks about health on World Health day!



Balraj Syal talks about health on World Health day!

Actor Balraj Syal is one fit actor who has set a high benchmark for fitness. On World Health Day we asked him about his fitness secrets he said, ” I used to work out only in the gym but of late I started getting injuries in my back and knee. When I was recovering I started hot Yoga and it helped me a lot. Yoga strengthens my core and makes me more agile. I am in my best shape because of Yoga. I did Yoga for 6 months on a regular basis. I also started swimming. I loved hardcore gym but I haven’t been to the gym for the last 3 years due to my injuries. Yoga is on the top list as it has helped me. Love yourself and make sure your body gets what it wants. Talk to your body and you’ll realize how it gives indications of when it has issues. There are two tips from my side – try to eat and sleep well. Whatever you eat, make sure it is digested and you burn your calories. I have not worked in the last 3 years yet I am a fit comedian in the industry. I eat my food keeping in check what, when, and how much I am eating. More than talking about health we should start showing the results of what we are talking about”. He further adds, “Fitness should be important for everyone including actors. Health is wealth. When I say health it means physical as well as mental health. What you eat is important, What is eating you is more important”. Balraj is best remembered for his spontaneous comedy talent and being a straightforward person who balances his personal and professional life

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