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According to Mridul Kumar, the actor from “Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein”, one can only conquer the world when they are both physically and emotionally healthy, and content from within.




We all know the importance of the saying ‘Health is wealth’. The unprecedented times of Covid only made us realise it all the more. Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein actor Mridul Kumar talks about the practices that have worked wonders for him and helped in taking care of his physical-mental-spiritual health. He shares tips as well as opines on how we all talk a lot about staying healthy but whether in reality we are doing something about it or not.

“I make sure that I go to the gym and do yoga whenever I have time on a daily basis. Exercise is done for physical health and yoga is done for mental health. With regular exercise and running or cycling you feel fit and fresh, your body feels fit and tight. When you sweat the anti-oxidants are released, your stamina increases,” he says.

Talking about the diet he follows, he adds, “I avoid outside food and prefer home-cooked meals. I avoid sugary food. Eat your dinner early and avoid smoking and drinking. These harm your body in the long run.”

He also highlights the ill habit of postponing things. “We talk a lot about how we would start something new and good from tomorrow, but that tomorrow never comes. So, try to take care of your body and avoid the things that are harmful for it. Only when you are fit and happy inside out, you can take the world by storm,” he ends.


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