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Neeti Mohan’s first visit to Andheri Cha Raja post Motherhood.



Neeti Mohan's first visit to Andheri Cha Raja post Motherhood.

Neeti Mohan made her first visit to Andhericha Raja after becoming a mother in June last year. Neeti paid a visit to the pandal, and offered prayers and expressed her gratitude for everything life has blessed her with so far “I visited the pandal because after two years Lord Ganesha’s arrival was celebrated with such grandeur and was so eagerly awaited. Celebrations had been low-key for two years and this year feels so great. His arrival in the city and our homes felt even nicer this year. I felt happy seeking blessings and the way people came out in big numbers to offer prayers gave me a feeling of excitement. I expressed my gratitude to Lord Ganesha. This was my first visit after becoming a mom last year. He symbolises wisdom and faith and hope for me and I just went to the pandal to thank him for everything he has bestowed my family and me with. I feel humbled. Andhericha Raja is a pandal that hosts Lord Ganesha for a while longer than the festival itself. I feel so blessed to be here, and to take back blessings for my son. It’s adorable how much my son Aryaveer loves participating in the prayers at home everyday. I sing the aartis aur wo ghanti bajata hai. It’s just a very special year for me, and this was a special visit to thank the lord for it.”

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